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Posted by on Dec 15, 2010 in Science & Technology | 0 comments

Mark Zuckerberg Time Person of the Year

And some thought The Social Network would hurt him. The 26-year-old man once derided as the “toddler CEO” (a comment recently rescinded in a 60 Minutes love-fest) sits comfortably on top of the world. Or, at least, on top of Time’s read of the zeitgeist. USA Today:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 26, the second youngest person in the publication’s history. (Charles Lindbergh was younger.)

Editor Richard Stengel unveiled the choices on Today this morning and said, “He’s very affable. He’s very in-the-moment. He’s very quick-witted.”

His reaction to being named? “He felt humbled by it,” said Stengel.

Time explains:

In less than seven years, Zuckerberg wired together a twelfth of humanity into a single network, thereby creating a social entity almost twice as large as the U.S. If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest, behind only China and India. It started out as a lark, a diversion, but it has turned into something real, something that has changed the way human beings relate to one another on a species-wide scale. We are now running our social lives through a for-profit network that, on paper at least, has made Zuckerberg a billionaire six times over.

No. 2 on Time’s list? The Tea Party. Julian Assange and Lady GaGa did not make the cut.

The photo is Time’s. if I were Zuck, I would not be pleased with that pick.

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