Quote of the Day: “About 47% of able-bodied people in the state of Maine don’t work.”

— Maine’s Republican Gov. Paul LePage quoted by the Bangor Daily News, echoing Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent comments made during the 2012 presidential campaign.

Yep, now the people of Maine really know how their governor feels about them. The Republican Party just can’t stop showing its true colors.

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LOL..Maine is a Democratic State. Serves them right!! Why did they elect this yahoo anyway?

Read in another article about the phenom of R governors being the majority in this country regardless of demographics. I guess what that tells us is they have a lot more money for campaigning then the Dems do and get a lot more air time. (uninformed people are influenced by tv ads)

The Democratic party in these states needs to do more than just put up a few flyers.


Is that even remotely true? Seems like a pretty easy to verify statement, and as I know nothing about Maine I’m curious. If its not, its a pretty stupid thing for the governor there to say.


Wow, just read some more articles from that guy about LePage. He sounds like a real piece of work, especially his opposition to wind power.

Sal Monela

I don’t live in Maine but it’s nice to know that after working since I was 16, and putting away a good deal of money in order to retire that I am some sort of freeloader because I am retired. Thanks Governor LePage for your appreciation of the hard work and sacrifices that us retired folks contributed.


I wonder if he’s including grade-school children in the “able body” demographics of people who should work.


He won a three way race with a weak Dem candidate and an independant who was also a democrat. 61% of the state voted against him. And yes, I live in Maine. He’s certainly been an entertaining Gov.


Get rid of unions. Get rid of child labor laws. Get rid of OSHA. Get rid of safety nets. And mainly get rid of any residual thinking that believes those things matter. The jungle is what matters, not civilization.


The robber barons colluded to increase their wealth and power. Free markets and competition never existed, and today’s situation is an oligarchy or plutocracy, not Adam Smith free markets.