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  • DLS

    Gaza has become Hamastan (Gaza City = Mogadishu on the Mediterranean).

    Energy drinks — *snicker* a good “For Those With Active Lifestyles” ad

    Is Fatah-Land in the West Bank next to fall or will we see a “three-state solution” [sic]?

  • Entropy

    There’s great post over on Micheal Totten’s site. An excerpt:

    While masked Hamas gunmen were sport-killing people in Gaza hospitals, the European Commission declared, “We call on President Abbas, the legitimate president of all Palestinians, to do his utmost to resolve the situation through dialogue and to work towards national unity and reconciliation.” In a rock-paper-scissors match between a Kalashnikov and dialogue, who wins? Indeed, is there a problem in the world that the European Commission thinks can’t be resolved by dialogue?

    While Hamas was executing members of Fatah by throwing them off the roofs of tall buildings, Jan Egeland, special adviser to the UN Secretary General, said, “This is the product of failed Palestinian policies, failed Israeli policies, failed international policy.” That’s right: the rise of Hamas is because of some vague policy problems. Maybe a UN committee could investigate them?

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