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  • SteveK

    What luck to be blessed with those years, that time, to grow from child to adult. A Magical Metamorphosis.Lucy in the Sky indeed.

    EDIT: removed my YouTube link… Sorry Mark, yours didn’t come up on my computer when I posted.

  • Ah, Lucy. I remember when I was about 11, my little sister and I decided we were going to listen to that song on repeat all day — I think we listened to it 46 times in a row, by which time we had a whole dance routine worked out. Good memories.

  • JSpencer

    I was 14. A different world then… and a better one in my view. Of course Lucy is mostly a symbolic fragment, but it calls up a time when there truly was hope, the national character was more than window dressing, and cynicism had yet to become epidemic. Like Steve, I feel fortunate to have grown up in the 60s. Our current socio/cultural/political environment seems like a wasteland in comparison. I suppose every generation feels that to some extent, but our migration into the 21st century seems to have left behind so many important sensibilities. Of course there is tremedous irony in the fact that so many of our current problems have been contributed to and neglected in large measure by the very generation of which I am a part. Apologies for introducing such a note of sadness in a thread about such a lovely song.

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