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Posted by on Aug 30, 2009 in Media, Politics | 6 comments

Loudmouth Liz Wrecks Another Roundtable

LoudMouthLiz.JPGIn case you missed it this morning, be sure to catch the video replay of the round table discussion on today’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.(We’ll update with the video here as soon as they post it.) ABC jumps on the same broken bandwagon as MSNBC and several other outlets and, for reasons which escape most viewers, allows loudmouthed “pundit” Liz Cheney on the show. The results, as they have been on virtually every one of her appearances, are predictable. Liz is given virtually unlimited time to spout her talking points, but as soon as the host calls on one of the other guests who are not ready to simply repeat whatever she said, Ms. Cheney lets them get – on average – about eleven words out of their mouth before jumping in with her usual battle cry of, “No… No… No, wait!” and shouting them down.

The ABC round table is generally one of the most enjoyable ones every weekend and I’m a regular viewer. They balance the panel with two conservative voices, usually including the excellent George Will, and two liberal voices which frequently include Gwen Ifill from PBS. They have spirited discussions and you always get a selection of diverse opinions to consider. Unfortunately, Stephanopoulos demonstrated no more ability than his sadly outmatched predecessors to reign in Loudmouth Liz, and the panel quickly broke down into a replica of a bad Jerry Springer taping, absent only the flying metal folding chairs.

The real question here actually has very little to do with Liz. Ever since her father Darth defeated Emperor Palaptine and took over complete control of the Sith Lords, she has ridden his coat tails and her famous last name into every door which could be booted in. The puzzling point is why these media outlets continue to let her come on and disrupt the proceedings. And, further, there is constant buzz about Liz running for some sort of high level elected office. What would this woman do in an actual debate where there are time limits on each speaker and both must be allowed to complete their answers? If for no other reason than protecting her health, I’d have to advise against it. In any debate that ran longer than three questions, I do believe the woman’s head could literally explode right at the podium.

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  • joebobbriggs

    Her appearance started out reasonable enough. It was when they got on the issue of Justice Dept investigations of CIA torture techniques that she went haywire. Big mistake for ABC to bring her on a show where one of the subjects of debate was a topic that so centrally involved her father. End result of her aborted attempt to steamroll everyone was a useless conversation and the impression that Liz’s position is ultimately, “How dare anyone criticize my dad?”

  • Liz is evidence that being a paranoid sociopath is a genetic condition.

  • bradleyspencer

    Mr. Shaw, It’s obvious you’ve mistaken, “Ms. Cheney lets them get – on average – about eleven words out of their mouth before jumping in with her usual battle cry of, “No… No… No, wait!” and shouting them down” with Mr. Donaldson’s chronic diarrhea of the mouth and inability to wait his turn and assumption that his ideas and opinions are in any way based on experience or education. Also, the notion that “balancing” the panel with two conservatives and four liberals gives you a selection of “diverse” opinions is questionable. After your statement of enjoying spirited debates, you proceed to deride the opinions of those with whom you disagree. Perhaps a more “balanced,” “spirited” and “enjoyable” discussion would be with six liberals and no conservatives. But then, you would no longer be needed as “Moderate” Voice.

  • imavettoo

    Liz Cheney seemed to me to be very, very scared for the future of her father. At about the same time she was spewing, her dad was telling Chris (my dad’s gotta be real disappointed in me) Wallace that “torture is OK & yes I authorized it” I must really suck to be a Cheney these days.

  • rudi

    Jazz you bleeding heart Liebrul 🙂

  • shannonlee

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I turned the channel when she became unbearable. I’ll probably just start skipping anything involving Liz….she is the new Anne Coulter.

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