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Posted by on Aug 11, 2011 in At TMV, Media, Places, Politics | 4 comments

Live-blog Alert for Tonight’s Republican Debate in Iowa

Did you know that this is actually the third GOP primary debate? Well, if you like following live-blogs while eating popcorn and watching politicians try to win us over, then you will love the action tonight as conservative pundit Emily Zanotti (aka American Princess) and I live-blog tonight’s Republican presidential primary debate. Though the candidates will be in Iowa, we’ll be following and commenting on everything here starting at 9pm! Can you name the only candidate who will be there tonight that wasn’t in New Hampshire? Follow the link to the live-blog and it’s all there. 😉

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  • I see that once again, Gary Johnson has been excluded from the debate.

    By whose criteria is an anti-Muslim bigot (Herman Cain) considered a viable candidate for president while a former popular two-time Republican governor of a Democratic state (Gary Johnson) is not?

  • 21:32 Herman Cain is now claiming that he has not ever claimed that Americans have the right to ban Mosques in their communities that the media has simply misrepresented him.

    Unfortunately for Herman Cain, there’s a thing called the Internet, and anyone who care’s to know what he said on this issue can find it just about anywhere, including here.

  • 21:40 Ron Paul began well on the immigration question, but his “border between Afghanistan and Iraq” gaffe will likely be pounced upon by his critics.

  • 21:45 The back and forth arguing between Bachmann and Pawlenty regarding the cigarette tax in Minnesota is pretty hilarious. Each is accusing the other of having his/her facts wrong, so it will be interesting to see what the fact checkers say about this tomorrow.

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