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Posted by on Oct 13, 2013 in Politics | 44 comments

Lindsey Graham is “very dangerous”


John McCain’s little sidekick is pissed off:

Sen. Lindsey Graham is angry. He’s frustrated. He’s upset. In his own words, he’s “very dangerous.”

With the government shutdown now in its 12th day, and a possible U.S. debt default looming on Oct. 17, the veteran Republican was in the mood to lash out at everyone Saturday. President Barack Obama, House Republicans, Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans — they were all the target of Graham’s ire.

“The president is a pathetic leader. He’s only engaged in the last couple of days,” Graham said after the Senate blocked action on a Democratic plan for a “clean” debt-ceiling increase through 2014. “Every time you get close to getting a deal over here with our Democratic friends, they move the ball because some poll comes out. Our friends in the House apparently can’t muster the votes to send something over here to open up the government. So it’s dysfunction at every level.”

But the 58-year-old Graham wasn’t through venting yet. “You can blame us [Republicans], we’ve overplayed our hand, that’s for damn sure,” Graham said. “But their response, where the president and [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid] basically shutting everybody out, and when you try to negotiate, they keep changing the terms of the deal… it’s very frustrating.”

“This is a very frustrated Lindsey Graham,” he added. “Which is a very dangerous thing.”

With all due respect, Senator Graham, which admittedly isn’t very much, go stick it.

It’s your pathetic party that’s doing this, holding the country hostage over its extremist right-wing agenda, threatening global economic catastrophe over the debt ceiling, shutting down the government because you and your fellow Republicans refuse to accept the results of democratic elections that don’t go in your favor, because an insanely irrational hatred of Obamacare has taken hold of your insanely irrational party.

And you’re a huge part of the problem, sucking up to the far right because you fear a primary challenge, engaging the Tea Party when it can boost your and your party’s electoral fortunes, putting your own ideological and partisan priorities ahead of the country whenever it suits you.

President Obama and the Democrats are fully within their right not to negotiate with terrorists.

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