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Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Business, Media, Miscellaneous, Politics, Society | 5 comments

Limbaugh Triggers Avalanche of Earned Media for Civility’s Sake

The most recent avalanche of earned media for the concept of civility undisputedly derives from multiple rants enunciated by Rush Limbaugh – who would have thunk, eh? The Moderate Voice’s own post, Talk Radio Bomb: 98 Advertisers Tell Premiere Networks to Avoid Shock Jocks, is testimony to this phenomenon.

The initial set of rants that triggered the avalanche targeted a 30 year old female law student who wanted to testify on Capitol Hill about why contraception should be covered by health care insurance. Suffice it to say that Limbaugh’s behavior in this instance has been deemed so uncivil by so broad a swath of Americans that advertisers as big as AOL, LegalZoom, ProFlowers and my own Cleveland’s Quicken Loans no longer support the show. And of course, coverage of people with the money, standing up to say that they don’t want their money supporting someone who expresses thoughts the way Limbaugh does, is another boost to the idea that we do value civility.

But wait! There’s more on how Rushbo is helping the civility cause. Read it at my Civic Commons blog post.

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  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Good stuff, Jill.

    Worth re-posting:

    Pay attention
    Speak kindly
    Assume the best
    Respect others’ opinions
    Respect other people’s time and space
    Be inclusive
    Acknowledge others
    Accept and give praise
    Apologize earnestly
    Assert yourself
    Take responsibility
    Accept and give constructive criticism
    Refrain from idle complaints
    Be a considerate guest


  • Thanks Dorian – as I started to research a bit, it seems like there are definitely others familiar with Dr. Forni’s work. I’d not heard of it before but yes, it sure does seem like common sense!

  • And just a tiny update: for those not familiar with my work and I haven’t updated my bio here in quite some time, I’m project director at the Civic Commons (in Cleveland, not to be confused with the Virginia-based nonprofit working on apps) for an effort called the EfficientGovNetwork. We’re working to get local governments and other stakeholders engaged in looking at how to transform local government so that there’s more sharing, less redundancy. New Jersey, New York and a few other places have taken this on in a big way – Ohio being one as well. I post a blog entry once a week at our website and figured I’d cross-post this one to TMV. Thanks.

  • zephyr

    Loved the video clip and the St. Augustine quote. The need for civility in society has been highly underated in recent decades (it didn’t used to be) not just in politics but in day to day life – so it’s good to see it being talked about more.

  • Isn’t that St Augustine quote great? I honestly don’t remember it per se from all the times I studied it in college, but I am 100% convinced that that has got to be in part where I got my notions of the absolute nature and need of civil discourse and not being mean-spirited when disagreeing. At least, I like to think this 😉

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