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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in 2012 Elections, At TMV, Breaking News, Economy, Education, Health, USA Presidential Election 2012 | 7 comments

Life Expectancy Shrinks for Less-Educated Whites in U.S.

The New York Times published an article today under that title. It reported that for the first time in generations life spans are contracting for some Americans.  The “some Americans” here, according to mortality data, are less well-educated whites who now can expect to live shorter lives than their parents’ – four years shorter.

Gee, you think this has anything to do with the increasing divide between rich and poor?

Nah, we don’t need to worry about those freeloaders. Let’s keep cutting back on wasteful education spending. Healthcare – who needs it? Food? Heck, Edwardians survived rickets, why shouldn’t our ‘pull ourselves up by our bootstraps’ U.S. citizenry? Don’t have boots? Who needs ya? Steal a loaf of bread Mr. Valjean? We’ve got privately run prisons for the likes of you.

What a wonderful trend for America. We must be so very proud.


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  • ShannonLeee

    Food food food.
    better food = less stress on the health care system.

    sadly, most folks cannot afford Whole Foods.

  • The_Ohioan

    Actually, the article indicates it is lifestyle choices, along with lack of health insurance, that are probably the reason for the decline. The last is sometimes not an option, but sometimes it also is a choice – with drastic consequences. 4 years is a great deal of decline in only a 20 year span.

    [The reasons for the decline remain unclear, but researchers offered possible explanations, including a spike in prescription drug overdoses among young whites, higher rates of smoking among less educated white women, rising obesity, and a steady increase in the number of the least educated Americans who lack health insurance. ]

    This link works better.

  • adelinesdad

    In his book “Coming Apart”, Charles Murray argues that we are a society divided more than ever, not so much by race anymore but by class. This data point fits that narrative. I don’t fully agree with Murray’s libertarian remedy, but he did convince me that the problem goes way beyond a failure of government. It seems to be the product of a more fundamentally dysfunctional society. This troubling trend is largely ignored by one side of the political spectrum and manipulated for political gain by the other.

  • ShannonLeee

    I’m still convinced that the food in the US is slowly killing us.

  • slamfu

    Me too.

  • adelinesdad

    I’m sure our food isn’t helping, but I also think there are probably several contributing factors, not one of which accounts for the majority of the problem, which makes it a difficult problem to tackle.

  • ProWife

    I agree that food lacking nutrition is a major problem. Additionally, most municipal water is questionable at best.
    Last time I checked mine, the water coming out of the tap had a higher level of chorine than is recommended to keep swimming pools clear. And, don’t forget about the fluoride that’s added to the water. There are many reported concerns about that as well.

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