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  • KP

    Crickets …..

  • ordinarysparrow


    Republicans on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce asked ex-fugitive John McAfee to review the website, a report said on Monday.

    According to emails obtained by CNBC, House Republicans asked the founder of McAfee Associates to “guide our oversight and review” of the Affordable Care Act website.

    Get rid of Secretary Kathleen Sebilius and bring in John MaAfee for oversight and review….They must be in need of free drugs…

    “John McAfee confessed to being a “huge fan” of MDPV — better known as bath salts”…

  • KP

    As Kathleen herself said “I work at the President’s pleasure.” I am pretty sure that pleasure is waning. She should retire on her own. However, that doesn’t mean she should be replaced by a mentally troubled, drug crazed genius. Too funny.

  • ProWife

    The web site provides much information about the law. There is much to read and a rash decision may not be in your best interest if you are shopping for insurance. Maybe that’s the reason you can only get so far. They want you to read more before you buy a plan.

  • SteveK

    John McAfee eh? Republicans on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce want John McAfee…

    That’s a great idea because so does the Belize Government.

    He is wanted for questioning regarding the manufacture of drugs and the the murder of a neighbor. He didn’t want to talk so he skipped the country… He’s a man on the run.

  • ordinarysparrow

    As a person that has followed Kathleen Sebilus for years and watched her as Governor of Kansas work in powerful bi-partisan manner in a rabid Republican state as a Democrat, i only have the highest of respect for her and the quality of her work and personhood….She is a class individual…. Respectfully disagree this is an indication of her failure but rather the failure of the chronic opposition shredded the blueprints and time frames.

  • JSpencer

    I expect the people who are complaining the loudest are the ones who never had anything constructive to contribute to HCR in the first place. This too shall pass.

  • SteveK

    Love your guns but hate Obamacare?

    Vote GOP in 2014…

    John McAfee says he will… If he’s not in jail!

  • KP

    I respect your views, ordinarysparrow.

    It is tough. At times, good people should remove themselves. And good leaders should demand they do. We see it in the military (David Petraeus). We see it in private business. Accountability is difficult. It’s difficult demanding it as a parent toward our kids and it’s difficult in leadership positions. At times it has to be evident. If she is as strong as you say; she will remove herself.

  • KP

    Hilarious SK

  • SteveK

    Actually, I don’t think there is anything funny about United States Congressmen suggesting that a wanted man should come in and ‘take a look’ at the ACA website.

    You want funny? Here’s funny:
    Update: McAfee says that he will turn himself in for questioning if the Belize Justice System gives him a free 30-day home trial.

  • ordinarysparrow

    🙂 Respectfully disagree KP… how is she at fault for the Supreme Court decision that brought in so many factors at the last moment? Would like to hear exactly how Kathleen is the one at fault? A computer site that had over 40 groups trying to coordinate a moving field? How is that her fault?

  • ordinarysparrow

    hahahaha… Steve K

  • KP

    Resist reading more into my comment than my observation of your sad/startling/funny image of the crazy man. Sometimes there is hilarity in sadness and even death. Thank goodness you won’t lose your sense of humor no matter how difficult things become. Don’t begrudge me for laughing at it, you mean SOB!

  • KP

    Perhaps we agree, ordinarysparrow.

    One doesn’t have to be at fault when stepping down to protect superiors.

    Granted, it would be hard on her and those who know her the way you do.

  • DaGoat

    Yes, pay no attention to the topic of the article! You must focus on McAfee!

    The bottom line is the Obama administration fouled this up. No one should blame Obama or Sibelius directly for the site problems, but they have been let down by the people working for them and we should expect appropriate action. People should be fired over this. Obama has been let down, and so have we. I am not a big fan of ObamaCare but I would much rather have it work than not work, and the poor execution of has been damaging.

    There has been heavy and well-deserved criticism from both sides of the aisle on this. I won’t go into all the flaws but there are many. The problems caused by some states not participating in Medicaid expansion is only a small fraction. Our government should be held accountable. We should applaud people like Democratic Reps. Eshoo and Engel who appear to be trying to get to the truth even if it doesn’t necessarily put their party in the best light.

  • KP

    DaGoat gets it:

    “That’s really kind of a lame excuse,” said congresswoman Anna Eshoo, scoffing at the idea that excessive volume would have crashed a $500 million operation.
    “This is the 21st century,” added Eshoo, a Democrat representing the California tech hub of Silicon Valley. “Amazon and e-Bay don’t crash a week before Christmas.”

    Obamacare requires most Americans to have health insurance from 2014 or face a fine, but the White House said it will give an extra six weeks, until March 31, to obtain insurance before facing the penalty.

    This would have been helpful a month ago.

  • SteveK

    You got a deal Kevin, to misquote Gen. George Patton “One SOB to another. 🙂

    I also agree there is humor everywhere. I learned ‘dark humor’ (and how to / appreciate it) in the Fire House… And, I learned it from some of the best.

  • KP

    Well said. Respect to you men and women who are/were in the Fire House.

  • petew

    It sounds like the website was launched according to schedule on the gamble that everything would work as intended, and, therefore, allow the government to escape the scorching criticisms that the GOP undoubtedly would have leveled at Democrats anyway for delaying another provision of the law—just as they did when companies were given extra time to adapt and adjust their computer systems to the health care law and to set maximum deductibles in policies.

    Although reasonable people might see Obama’s delays as forms of consideration extended towards the business community, of course those who are determined to destroy the new healthcare law, will only offer negative judgments no matter what does, or doesn’t happen,with Obamacare.

    For God’s sake! The problem is a technical one involving the software issues on the website—it has nothing to do with the worth of the product provided by the ACA! By the same token, we might judge individual Republicans delinquent in their responsibilities, if even one of their own personal computers has ever experienced glitches of viruses, or, If they buy the wrong computer or experience operational difficulties due to technical glitches! Does that mean every bill Republicans might try to pass is worth nothing because their entire characters are judged based on personal instances of dealing with digital errors? For God’s sake, It’s about the excellent quality of the health care!—Not unforeseen difficulties with complex software! If a good period of time is needed to make the site run smoothly, then so be it!

    As another commenter said (was it, sheKnows?)—If Republicans saw Jesus walking on the water, they would only criticize him for not knowing how to swim. Much ado about absolutely nothing!—utterly nothing but unavoidable glitches in a digital world of technology!

  • SteveK

    The bottom line is the Obama administration fouled this up.

    No, the bottom line is no matter how high the right tries to pile-it-on it’s no big deal… It’s a mole hill.

    I understand why those on the right want to continue to blow this out of proportion, especially with the good news coming in from both Red States (Kentucky) and Blue States (Washington) that chose to work with ACA instead of fight it tooth and nail.

    I also understand the frustration with those who live in states that chose not to work with and try to improve the ACA. They were sold a bad bill of goods and I hope they remember it come next November.

    Bottom line – The ACA will be a success and in a year or two no one will remember this brouhaha… Except possibly for how bad it made the Republicans look.

  • cjjack

    So here we are in the last few months of 2013, and our intrepid elected Representatives are furious…furious, I tell you!…over the flawed roll-out of a government website. Investigations must be done! People must be held accountable! Someone should probably resign!

    Over the roll-out of a website.

    To put this into perspective, let’s go back in time about 10 years. The roll-out of a policy of “regime change” in a certain middle-eastern country was underway. The people in this country (that we’d shocked and awed) could not log on to their electricity for the most part, and their army, police, and civil institutions were – to put it mildly – “down for maintenance.”

    Ten years ago, it was becoming painfully (and for some people, fatally) obvious that the administration hadn’t planned the “launch” of this newly liberated country very well.

    These people that are so incensed about the flawed launch of a government website? These staunch defenders of oversight? Where the hell were they back then?

  • KP

    For God’s sake! The problem is a technical one involving the software issues on the website—it has nothing to do with the worth of the product provided by the ACA!

    Au contraire … I am concerned that the web site failures are the small parts of the problem. I am amazed at the number of deniers.

    This, coming from someone who wants to see a single payer system and has first hand knowledge of the healthcare system for the last thirty years. From a dad who has a daughter who has survived stage four cancer and has been uninsurable. I want success as much or more than anyone. It’s in my DNA to assist those who need assistance. Rhetorically, why is it so hard for some to be objective. “We” have serious problems and they are not all Republican in nature.

  • sheknows

    Thank you cjj and SteveK. Exactly…this is a rollout of a website that everyone is going bonkers about. It has problems. OK. Are people still signing up? Yes. Are they working to correct the problem? Yes. Is the media hype contributing to the magnification? Yes.

    Let’s all grow up and stop being swept along by nay-sayers and doomsday predictors and media pot stirrers.
    People can still sign up and in the meantime they are working on it. Stop creating drama…….

  • KP

    Look in the magic mirror.

  • ordinarysparrow

    Maybe it is time to go back and read Jim’s previous post… IT issues for large projects are the norm….it happens….

  • Rambie

    Part of the problem is the cronyism of the government contracting system. Talk about a waste.

    Another part is that they had too many groups (see above) each with a part of the whole. Too many cooks in the kitchen never works out.

    Also the GOP fighting the ACA kicking-and-screaming all the way to the SC. This delayed and changed the site requirements.

    Finally, another piece of this mess is the big tech companies; Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc Do not big on government contracts (see #1). The ones who do aren’t top tier tech companies.

    Plenty of “blame” to go around.

  • SteveK

    Look in the magic mirror.

    This is not a Disney movie, this is about real people… Real people that prior to ACA were without Healthcare Plans and after January 1, 2014 will have coverage.

    In just 24 days, even with all the ‘the sky is falling‘ negative scenarios coming from the right in attempt to dampen the hopes of people in need of healthcare… The ACA is working. And stand back kiddies because you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Kentucky (Red State)

    267,938 people screened (conducted preliminary screenings)
    51,482 applications for health care coverage have been started.
    26,174 enrolled in new health coverage, including Medicaid and private insurance.
    1,607 stand alone dental plans enrolled.

    Washington State (Blue State)

    Enrollments Completed
    Qualified Health Plans – 4,529
    Medicaid Newly Eligible/Coverage Jan. 1 – 19,658
    Medicaid/Immediate coverage – 11,341
    Total Enrollments – 35,528

    Total Completed Applications – 40,400

    Total Applicants Included on Applications Completed
    Qualified Health Plan Applicants – QHP Only – 16,699
    Qualified Health Plan/Medicaid Mixed* – 39,446
    Medicaid Applicants Only – 13,816
    Total Applicants** – 69,822

  • KP

    This is not a Disney movie, this is about real people…

    Yes. And all of us real people who are concerned about other real people; who have real sick family members (young and old) and who are sick at times ourselves; should be able to voice are concerns (all of them) without personal attack on our integrity. I am leaving you out of this Steve, because you don’t do that. I assume the archangel will filter me if she chooses; but anybody here who mocks my integrity when it comes to helping and caring for others will be directly challenged.

  • ProWife

    Sure would be a boost for postal volume if they just mailed a 100 sign up sheet and a brochure to everyone. Then people could just mail their apps back. People could be hired directly or through contractors to deal with the volume of hardcopy apps. Win Win

  • ProWife

    Should have read; If they just mailed a sign up sheet and a brochure…

  • sheknows

    Thanks Steve. And providing some reassuring statistics helps….

  • sheknows

    Hi Pro. There are several places around each city in each state that are taking applications. It may be a cybermess, but we can still get the job done employing low tech methods. 🙂

  • petew


    I agree that a complex law like the ACA is fraught with problems in itself, and, that the failure to launch its website on schedule turned out so poorly that many people now consider the administration to be incompetent , but no one ever claimed the new health care law would succeed without a hitch and not need to receive frequent tweaks. I also agree that a single payer system would be the best option for success, and perhaps would simplify the whole problem (when conceived of as something like universal Medicare access). But this new Law is the most positive attempt at real change in a country that often seems to fly into a rage over words like “Communism” or “Socialism,” so, a system that included private insurance companies, was the most opportune and acceptable compromise available. In that sense, I think a system of health exchanges modeled after Governor Romney’s own Massachusetts health care system, was made with a lot of poltical considerations and attempts to pacify the fears in the public’s mind.

    A lot of experts feel that the ACA will ultimately fall short of its aspirations and its ideal applications, but still, I think it will provide previously unattainable health care insurance for millions of American.

    So, while radical interest are so afraid of letting the world see any positives in Obamacare—lest someone might actually like it and consider it a boon to the uninsured—the least any reasonable person can do is just to give the law a fighting chance to do what it is intended for!

  • SteveK

    Bravo 2 petew, and thank you for the second time too.

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