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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Featured, Law, Politics | 3 comments

Landmark immigration bill clears key Senate hurdle

Landmark US immigration bill clears key Senate hurdle (via AFP)

A sweeping overhaul of the US immigration system took a major step toward viability when a Senate panel gave bipartisan approval to a landmark bill offering a path to citizenship for millions. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the contentious and potentially historic legislation by a 13-5 vote…

  • sheknows

    Can’t wait to read this multi- revised bill. Right now it’s all dressed up with nowhere to go, but we will see what the house does.

    Can’t imagine Republicans approving the addition of possibly 7 million Democrat votes…but then who knows how the new bill reads.

  • zephyr

    God forbid house repubs would ever support a bill the prez liked, no matter how sensible or well crafted.

  • sheknows

    We can only cringe in anticipation of the addendums the reps will try attach…just like the Violence against Women act!

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