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Posted by on Aug 9, 2006 in At TMV | 30 comments

Lamont Leads Lieberman In Early Connecticut Primary Returns

The Hartford Courant:

The high and wide spaces of the atrium in the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford were crammed with national and local news reporters milling about with a few dozen Lieberman supporters and operatives, amid bunches of red, white and blue balloons stretching on strings toward the towering columns and arches above them. More than 25 TV cameras on tripods, on three levels of risers, all trained on a podium with a sign that said: “Joe Lieberman Fighting for Connecticut.”

Fighting for his political existence was more like it. With about 34 percent of the state’s precincts reporting just after 9 p.m., Lieberman was trailing challenger Ned Lamont 54 to 46 percent. The vote tally was 55,294 for Lamont and 46,941 for Lieberman.

It’s way too early for anyone to project, grieve or celebrate. But one thing of which you can be assured: stories that are in effect political obituaries of Joe Lieberman as a national Democratic political leader are being prepared in the mainstream media as you read this. They’ll just top them when the final returns come in. If this holds, it won’t be a “squeeker.”

UPDATE: The New York Times has updated results HERE. We’ll use that for our period updates (we will not update everytime there is a new tally — only a significant shift or percentage).

It’s narrowing (7:10 PM PST): Lieberman 48 percent; Lamont 51 percent.

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  • Holly in Cincinnati

    C-SPAN says, with 50 percent of precincts in, it’s Lamont 52% to Lieberrman 48%.

  • Joe

    I’m not going to update it with every new tally but if this is a trend than it COULD be a squeeker and conceivably Lieberman can win. I’ll put in a few upates every hour or so (this is a rare day when I am AT home).

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    69 percent reporting, Lamont 52% to Lieberman 48%.

  • Charles Jordan

    I wonder if frustration with incompency is part of the challange for Lieberman. Any body else thinks this is a factor.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I don’t think anyone sees Lieberman as incompetent.

    Lamont Leads Senate Race In Early Returns
    9:56 PM EDT, August 8, 2006

    With nearly 72 percent of the state’s precincts reporting just before 10 p.m., Sen. Joe Lieberman was trailing challenger Ned Lamont 51.6 to 48.4 percent. The vote tally was 100,425 for Lamont and 94,148 for Lieberman….

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    C-SPAN is broadcasting news coverage from WFSB-TV3 in Hartford CT. The current results are still 52/48 with 76 percent in. Lamont campaign is using different numbers which they ran themselves and is expecting to win by 15,000 votes.

  • BeYourGuest

    For other noteworthy races:

    McKinney-Johnson (GA District 4, Dem) is being updated at the bottom of this page from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. At 10:00 EDT, with about 35% of the vote in, it’s Johnson 61%, McKinney 39%.


    Schwarz-Walberg (MI District 7, GOP) is being updated near the top of this page from the Detroit Free Press. With about 20% of the vote in, it’s Walberg 61-Schwarz 39.


    Poor showings for both incumbents, so far.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    52/48 with 81 percent in. Lamont’s election volunteers said on TV that it’s the war that motivates them.

  • Charles Jordan

    HOLLY, I’m sorry, I meant incumbency. I’m spelling it wroing. I mean he’s been in office too long. And I think there is frustration in the nation with some of the incumbants.

    I’m an old man who can’t spell (smile)

    I read your response; I laughed. I never could spell.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Sorry Charles, I misunderstood you.

    52/48 with 84 percent in.

    I’m also watching the Johnson-McKinney race and rooting for Johnson.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    WFSB: No precincts from the City of Hartford have reported yet.

  • Charles Jordan

    No need to apologize, I need to keep a dictionary handy. the problem is you have to know how to spell it in order to look up a word

  • McKinney-Johnson (GA District 4, Dem) is being updated at the bottom of this page from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. At 10:00 EDT, with about 35% of the vote in, it’s Johnson 61%, McKinney 39%.

    Funny, I haven’t heard how this race is a sign of a radical shift by Democrats to the sane.

  • BeYourGuest

    Drudge is calling it for Lamont, with 51.88%. (He provides no link to a source–you know Drudge!)

  • Race is tight…

    You can follow here as well.

  • Charles Jordan

    I’d like to start a topic that might be of interest. I’m watching cspan and listening to the callers. Many of them short cited and partisan. Frankly, I’m glad he’s loosing and I hope he looses. Did he read the National Intellegence Report before voting for the war? Exactly HOW MANY senators read it. Damn few I bet. Probably as many as read the Patriot Act.

    Why do we continue to elect these guys who are not doing their job. They can’t possibly have any real understanding of much of the legislation they vote for since much of the legislation is several hundred pages long.

    I called cspan once and got through I asked that the legislation be placed on the table every time a Congressman or Reporter came on the show to speak on it so the viewers could see exactly how long it is and how it’s damn near impossible for the guest to speak with any real knowledge of what the bill contains when it just passed the day before or a couple days before.

    Every six years these clowns run for re-election and we listen to them give speaches with the same of promises; the same list of “accomplishments” that only exists in the mind of the speechmaker.

    I hope and pray every incumbent feels the heat.

  • Elrod

    I’m following the Republican primary in MI-07, because I live here now. Moderate Republican and generally good guy Joe Schwarz is running against Christofascist “Reverend” Tim Walberg. So far Schwarz is trailing, but the counties to come in so far are Walberg strongholds. Hopefully Schwarz pulls ahead on the strength of real moderates in Battle Creek, Jackson and western Lansing.

  • Charles Jordan

    Thank God McKinney is loosing. these are serious times we need serious people in office.

  • Elrod

    Lieberman needs to blow Lamont out in the remaining 97 precincts in order to win. Time is running out. Yes, Hartford is still out as far as I know. But I’m not convinced inner city Hartford is tight with Lieberman anymore. Al Sharpton, who actually has weight in Hartford, endorsed Lamont. As did Jesse Jackson. I’m not sure about Latino leaders.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I’ve tried callling C-SPAN twice tonight (something I don’t normally do – busy signals.

    C-SPAN says the 52-48 still holds with over 90 percent of the precincts in.

  • BeYourGuest


    As the local guy, are you getting better info on that Schwarz race?

  • BeYourGuest

    The Courant is showing almost 95% of the vote counted, It’s staying pretty close to 52-48, for Lamont.


  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Lieberman just conceded the primary to Lieberman and will file tomorrow to run as an independent.

  • BeYourGuest

    CNN says Lieberman has conceded!

  • Elrod

    Lieberman has lost. Will he really embarrass himself by running as an independent? I hope Democratic bigwigs talk him out of it. If you lose the primary, you lose.

  • BeYourGuest

    Harford Courant link HERE.

    Political Wire link HERE.

    Kos link HERE.

  • Sorry, sometimes you can only say it with a picture. Santa comes early for the netroots as “deer” old Joe crashes and burns and incumbents everywhere cry, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    I don’t think Joe will “embarrass himself” by running as an Independent – I think he’ll win.

  • Salmenio

    Holy Joe’s political career is over. If he can’t win as a Democrat he will NEVER win as an idependent.

  • MichaelF

    Salmenio :
    Holy Joe’s political career is over. If he can’t win as a Democrat he will NEVER win as an idependent.

    Time will tell . My money is on Lieberman . I’m not impressed with a slim victory in a primary in a state with about 30 percent Republicans.Where will those Republican votes go ? Hint . They won’t go to Lamont .

    Also , remember that there is plenty of time now for the negatives to add up against Lamont .

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