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Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Bigotry, Gays, Law, Politics, Refugees | 20 comments

Kim Davis: Hell hath no fury

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Kim Davis took her spiteful “christian” god to jail with her — where, it turns out, she concocted a scheme to issue marriage licenses for gay couples that were most likely invalid. Now she’s got the ACLU after her.

According to court documents filed by the American Civil Liberties Union Monday, Davis confiscated licenses issued to gay couples during her short stay in jail and distributed new ones that removed all mention of the county clerk’s office. Instead, the documents include what the ACLU lawyers viewed as a churlish note that they were issued “pursuant to Federal Court Order.”… WaPo

One of her deputies alerted the authorities.

“Rather than standing aside while Deputy Clerk Mason issued the same marriage licenses upon which this Court relied in its September 8 Order lifting the civil contempt finding and releasing her from custody, Davis “confiscated all the original forms, and provided a changed form which deletes all mentions of the County, fills in one of the blanks that would otherwise be the County with the Court’s styling, deletes her name, deletes all of the deputy clerk references, and in place of deputy clerk types in the name of Brian Mason, and has him initial rather than sign,” Mason said in his notice filed with [US Court judge David] Bunning. …WaPo

Spiteful “christianity” has become America’s weapon of choice. Gotta wonder what Christ’s servant, over here on a visit, thinks of us.

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  • Of course the Roman Catholic Church has been responsible for some Spiteful “christianity” – think the crusades and the Spanish inquisition..

    • Slamfu

      I’m not a big fan of the Catholic Church, but that stuff was a long, long time ago. If you want to start dredging up the sins of the past no one anywhere is going to have the right to say anything about anything.

      Now being an international support group for pedophiles, you’ve got some current atrocities to bring up.

    • Rcoutme

      The Catholic Inquisition was one of the few places where one could actually expect justice. You would have been much, much better off in the hands of the Inquisition than of any secular law enforcement of the time.

      • Slamfu

        All that tells me is that the bar for Justice back then was set pretty low. Like on the ground.

        • archangel

          lower, slamfu, ground minus tenM. Inquisition? Chances for justice? Not. Not in the Spanish inquisition, not in the Mexican inquisition. Murder jews, infidels. Murder. Burn. Torture.

          Those who ran these were not human. They were monsters.

  • Slamfu

    What all does it take for Kim Davis to get impeached, or whatever the process is for removing an elected county clerk? She is clearly not planning on complying with the law even after jail. I’m not sure what the criteria is for such an action, but being sent to jail for violating your official duty has got to be on the list somewhere.

    • DdW

      In a county where most voters “think” like Davis does, an impeachment vote seems unlikely.

    • dduck12

      Does this like everything, it seems these days, have to politicized? Right, left, or center, she is not performing her job, simple fire her..

    • Rambie

      The Kentucky legislature would have to impeach her, but they aren’t in session and many of the members probably agree with her and will likely do nothing.

      • dduck12

        Really, impeach, they can’t fire her? What a state.

        • The_Ohioan

          Elected officials can’t be fired; they have to be impeached. Like SCOTUS. What a country. 🙂

          • dduck12

            Thanks. Actually, I think that is a good thing, I didn’t realize she was elected. Is that just Kentucky?

          • The_Ohioan

            Probably everywhere, but I’m not sure. Elections can’t be overturned, I think, just recalls and impeachment can vacate the office – and death, of course, but that sounds severe. 🙂

        • Rambie

          She’s in an elected position.

    • Lorie Emerson

      They need to get a judgement against the county. Once that happens, people generally object to continuing the charade. Point out how much it is actually costing them in tax dollars. Insurance won’t likely cover it, since it is a willful act w/ malice.

  • archangel

    In the national culture, she’s an aging woman who had a last chance to be ‘important’, prob to please her man [fourth husband, not that having many mates is a sign of anything except prob marrying too fast instead of waiting to see what is really what.]. Thing is, we’ve seen this many times when a person gains a toehold on the right and soon is left in the dust as the gops go onto the newest latest person with personal ideas that are fine, but attempts to tattoo them on others. There’s a whole list of bodies by the side of the road. Carnivals go on. People are entertained by them. Some believe the carnival is real life. It isnt. It’s a show that has a beginning, middle and an end, no matter how the carnivalist hopes to, tries to hold onto the three-ring. The gops move on to whomever gains the slimelight of the msm.

  • shannonlee

    What would Jesus do???

    probably quit the job.

    • Rcoutme

      Jesus would say, “Give to Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s, and to God that which is God’s.” In other words–do you job and STFU.

      It’s not as if each of the licenses issued means that those people get to get married in the church she attends!

      • Prairie_W

        Which is why we need to clarify the difference between state and church with respect to marriage, as with just about everything else. The state covers the license, the legitimacy. The church is an add-on. Secular people in the US are not obliged to subscribe to or observe the teachings/”laws” of any church — far as I know. To treat the law the way Kim Davis does is a sign that she shouldn’t have her job in the first place. She is, in effect, imposing a kind of sharia law on her Kentucky county!

        • Rcoutme


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