I will not be reading Karl Rove’s upcoming blockbuster with the self-aggrandizing title, “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight.” However, copies have been released to the press and there are enough previews of the book to satisfy my curiosity about what this man, affectionately called “turd blossom,” is trying to peddle.

Furthermore, after watching this man—this brain—for eight years directly manipulate the President of the United States and, indirectly, the American people, I have heard and seen more than enough.

As I said, there are many previews floating around, most notably in the New York Times.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

For the most part, his book, “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight,” to be published by Threshold Editions on Tuesday, is an unapologetic defense of Mr. Bush and his presidency, and takes aim at Democrats, the news media and disloyal Republicans for what he describes as hypocrisy, deceit and vanity.


In offering his take on history, Mr. Rove ruminates on what would have happened had Mr. Bush known the truth about the absent unconventional weapons, known as weapons of mass destruction, or W.M.D., in Iraq. While the opportunity to bring democracy to the Middle East as a bulwark against Islamic extremism “justified the decision to remove Saddam Hussein,” Mr. Rove says the suspected weapons were the primary justification for war.

“Would the Iraq War have occurred without W.M.D.? I doubt it,” he writes. “Congress was very unlikely to have supported the use-of-force resolution without the W.M.D. threat. The Bush administration itself would probably have sought other ways to constrain Saddam, bring about regime change, and deal with Iraq’s horrendous human rights violations.”

From the reviews, it appears that Mr. Rove is more concerned about having offered a “weak response” to accusations that his hero “lied us into a war” than about the Bush administration’s incompetence, exaggerations, misrepresentations and, yes, the lies themselves that were used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

As to the weapons of mass destruction allegedly possessed by Iraq, and perhaps the primary reason to take our country to war, Rove—unlike some neocons—does admit that Iraq did not have them and finally tells us so.

Mr. Rove, now you tell us. After you, along with your Vice-President and others, did everything in your power—including abusing such power—to lead Congress and the American people to believe that there was such a “real and imminent” threat. Efforts that included leaking the identity of a C.I.A. operative, Valerie Plame, and besmirching the reputation of her husband, Joseph Wilson.

“Courage and Consequence”?

Mr. Rove, there is nothing courageous about your instrumental role in taking our country to war under false pretenses; there is nothing courageous about your role in committing hundreds of thousands of our troops to a war that would have never occurred if you and those you advised had done due diligence.

Finally, Mr. Rove, the real consequence of your “courage” is the loss of over 4,000 brave American troops and the horrific injuries sustained by tens of thousands servicemen and women.

Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist
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He’s on Fox News often enough if you get nostalgic.


Gee, being so close to Rove, I wonder then if Dick Cheney has ties to Fox News and how the arab prince owning Newscorp under the OIC mandate of infiltrating foreign media to affect internal policy ties Cheney to the arab-agenda?

We think we know Al Qaida. I got [Fox] news for ya..

The cat is publicy out of the bag as of last night. The senior aide to Gen. Colin Powell declared on national TV yesterday that Rove, Cheneyco et al. got together and planned how to lie to Congress in order to invade Iraq for oil.

There’s your nugget for indictment. *Waits to see if the new testicles this administration apprears to be growing extends to holding out our harbored fugitives to world justice..*

Might I suggest an alternate title for Rove’s book? How about “Pre-emptive Defense”.


One word: Scum.


Cowardice and Arrogance: My Life in the Conservative Fight against Constitutional Principals


Geeze, where are all the proud defenders of Rove from years gone by? Are they really going to miss this opportunity to defend the great brain of the GOP? Ah… love is so fickle. 😉


I will defend. I much enjoy Mr. De Wind’s writings, yet I often disagree with his reasoning. Another disagreement here: Mr. Rove is slandered in this blogpost.

I understand giving an opinion, inside a blogpost, without having full evidence to back that opinion. However, in the instance of WMD, the evidence that Mr. Rove and Pres. Bush did not lie is so strong, the evidence that they did lie is so weak, that to say Mr. Rove lied amounts to “a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.”

Re WMD in Iraq:
Saddam, in a bid to make Iraq look powerful, in a bid to control his own people and maintain control over Iraq, in a bid to protect himself from Iran, in a bid to wield influence throughout the Middle East and Persia: intentionally led the world to believe he had WMD. The U.S., Britain, France, and most of Europe truly believed WMD existed in Iraq. To call the public sharing of this belief “a lie” is a slander. Mr. Rove and VP Cheney believed Iraqi WMD existed and were a threat. So far as we know: any intelligence agency in the world which had an opinion on the matter adjudged that Iraqi WMD existed. Saddam’s subterfuge was successful.

Saddam made a strategic miscalculation, yet it was a close call: Saddam almost got away with it. Saddam conspired with France. Saddam knew France would, at the last second, betray the U.S. inside the U.N., knew France would rally support against any invasion of Iraq. Saddam used Oil For Food bribes of oil, plus promises to France of future oil deals, in a coordinated Iraq and French effort to stave off invasion. And Saddam came very close to pulling it off.

Had Saddam pulled it off: already ineffective U.N. inspections would have crumbled completely, moderately effective economic and trade sanctions would have crumbled completely, and Saddam would have been free to operate in the Middle East with impunity — including continuing his program of financial rewards to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. He almost did it. He was so close. The appearance of having WMDs helped him get that close to achieving his goal.

Re Plame/Wilson
Mr. Rove, despite a vigorous investigation, was neither tried nor convicted of a crime.

IMO, Joe Wilson outed Valerie Plame via including a politically motivated lie in his NYT article: i.e. Joe Wilson wrote that there was no evidence that Iraq was seeking yellowcake uranium in Niger. Wilson’s NYT article contradicted his own report to the CIA and his own testimony about what he found. When Wilson wrote his conflicting account in the NYT, and when his when his conflicting account appeared at a moment and in a way which ensured it would become a Presidential Campaign issue, then Wilson created a circumstance in which information about his wife was almost certain to become public. For all intents and purposes: Joe Wilson outed his wife.

I will remind anyone reading, as most have forgotten: the actual verbal outing of Valerie Plame was done by Colin Powell’s Assistant Sec. of State Richard Armitage. Armitage was not a fan of the Bush Administration, in many ways was an opponent of the Bush Administration, and no one who is familiar with Washington has ever believed Armitage outed Plame in an attempt to help the Bush Administration.

I further remind, as most have forgotten (if they ever knew), that Scooter Libby was not convicted of outing Plame, but of perjury.

Finally, I remind that one positive consequence (amongst many) of the conquest of Iraq will be the democratic elections which will occur the day after tomorrow.


After Joe Wilson drank mint tea in Niger, he testified to learning that Iraqi officials had come to Niger seeking “trade” with Niger. Wikipedia reports uranium provides 72% of Niger’s export proceeds. The rest of Niger’s meager “trade” consists of minerals, phosphates, and foodstuffs which Niger trades with surrounding nations. Based on Niger’s meager trade offerings, the CIA had suspicion that Iraq’s vague solicitation of “trade” could mean solicitation of yellowcake uranium.

Joe Wilson had to have been aware of this. Yet, in his NYT article, Wilson omitted his discovery of Iraq’s vague solicitation of trade with Niger, and thus mischaracterized – likely for political purpose – what he found in Niger.


I had the opportunity to read Ron Suskind’s “The Price of Loyalty,” as well as Richard Clarke’s ” Against All Enemies”, and “Your Government Failed You, Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters.”

These books were a shocking revelation of the pre-emptive mindset of going to war in Iraq, and about how political loyalty brought about the whole mess of this Iraq debacle.

I was alive and well during this time, and even supported the invasion based on Mr. Cheney’s “…there is NO DOUBT” statement about WMDs, and Colin Powell’s readings before the United Nations, even to the point of quoting specific amounts of the weapons and etc.

The only thing that redeems the president in my view is that he didn’t actually go out and have someone at least “plant” a few WMDs to justify the invasion, and thus satisfy his condition of war.

I remember nothing from Karl Rove but endless tripe about “patriotism” and “you’re with us or against us” or “liberals are ruining our country” and other less-worthy filth. The man is despicable.

We NEVER need another Karl Rove in American politics. Karl Rove has not been a good thing for any American. Karl Rove represents the disease state of politics incarnate.


There are ample reason to be disgusted by Karl Rove even without taking Iraq into consideration. His work in American politics created a new low in the realm of dirty tricks and misinformation. As for the invasion of Iraq, there is a great deal of blood on the hands of it’s creators, and no amount of excuse making will remove it. Rove is a prime example of the bad result when loyalty to party trumps loyalty to country. If I had his karma I’d just put a gun to my head and be done with it.


Rove is a prime example of the bad result when loyalty to party trumps loyalty to country.”

I can’t wait to see Rahm’s book: “How We Managed to Mismanage For Eight Years”, if he lasts that long.



I will stand by my two stated disagreements with you:

1. re WMD, b/c the evidence is so strong that neither Rove nor GWB lied, b/c the argument that they did lie is premised upon slogans and hypnotism, therefore to say they lied is to slander them.
2. neither Rove nor Bush outed (or arranged the outing of) Valerie Plame.

Separately: if the U.S. and friends did not conquer Iraq, how do you characterize what happened there?


It is still my fervrent hope to see a formal inquest into the Iraq invasion either by Congress or a special prosecutor. Treason is a recurring theme which will emanate from such a process and it will focus on Dubya, Dick, Turd Blossom, Rummy, Wolfie & possibly Condi. We owe this to our country and to the men and women who died on both sides of the illegal invasion of a non-offending sovereign state.