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Posted by on Jul 21, 2009 in Media, Politics | 5 comments

Just When You Thought Talk Show Hosts Had Reached The Peak Of Demonization

..someone says something else and you realize you’re wrong. Read this on Lou Dobbs. This is the kind of comment that would be considered “far out” and “flaky” in other times but today there is a)an audience for it and it gets big ratings, b)a need by many in politics to try and take someone out who they disagree with on policy. And the trending isn’t good: it seems to get worse with each month (but there is an audience for it, some love it, some drop all things on their plate to try and fan it …so what do I know?).

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  • GeorgeSorwell

    This…is CNN.

  • GeorgeSorwell

    The well is being poisoned.

    And the big names are stepping up to do their share.

  • Pug

    Lou Dobbs, who used to be CNN’s business reporter, went off the deep end some time ago with his phony populism and working man’s outrage. He is as phony as it gets.

    Now it looks like he is just going nuts. Why don’t they fire this clown?

  • smithmj

    These birthers need to get a grip and accept the fact that Obama won.

  • kritt11

    This is sad to see. I’ve always respected Dobbs-even when I disagreed with him. Is he just trying to win brownie points with Rush’s audience???

    This faux outrage over non-issues threatens to distract us from dealing with the very real issues that threaten our nation’s health, prosperity and future as a world leader.

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