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  • A surge would be bad because it’s the Iraqis’ job. Iraqi mobilization is bad because it’s the Americans’ fault in the first place.

    From here on out, how would you LIKE to see things progress in Iraq? Obviously, you don’t want us there at all. But I think that the Iraqi PM is stepping up, not the American military, is a great sign for the country given its situation.

    So what’s your ideal situation for the resolution of the situation?

  • I’m going to delay answering that question because I’m curious why you assert it’s “obvious” I “don’t want us there at all.”

  • Sorry if I jumped to conclusions. I was thinking of “this administration’s failed policies in Iraq” from a previous post, but I guess you could have supported invasion in a different manner. Hell, I recognize that it has not been a military success, but I support the concept.

  • I supported the invasion from day one, and supported it even as it was clear that this administration has not taken seriously and was losing the fight. Now? I fear it is gone beyond all hope. I don’t know what to do. The last ditch thing is to give as many visas to our supporters in-country, get them the hell out, and get out ourselves. Then mourn the fact that we’ve probably doomed the nation to a massive, bloody, vicious civil war.

  • Jim S

    Maliki’s words would be encouraging only if he mentioned Al Sadr by name. As in “It will not matter if the outlaws are associated with people who think they have immunity from the government, such as Moqtada Al Sadr.”. Since he didn’t I think that any militias associated with Al Sadr, which are numerous are safe from any government efforts. And that renders their efforts meaningless.

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