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Posted by on Sep 12, 2008 in Politics | 5 comments

John McCain’s Moment: ‘Innovation’ Equal to Obama – Le Figaro

One thing that the selection of Sarah Palin shows about John McCain, is that in terms of sheer inventiveness, he is at least Obama’s equal. This is the thesis of Le Figaro’s chief editorial writer Pierre Rousselin.

Writing of the choice of Palin and the flood of criticism it has elicited, Rousselin writes:

“The flood of revelations, intended to harm the suddenly praised unknown, has in fact served the Republican ticket by mobilizing his supporters, who once more are convinced they are being targeted by the left-wing media. One wonders, moreover, if this sequence of criticism wasn’t deliberately orchestrated by Republican strategists.”

Then, referring to what he considers to be the true evidence of brilliance on the Republican side, Rousselin writes:

“The Republicans succeeded in doing what was most important: they are campaigning as if George W. Bush never existed and have seized the theme of change that Barack Obama had confiscated for his own benefit and on which he had brilliantly based his entire campaign.”

By Pierre Rousselin

Translated By Sandrine Ageorges

September 10, 2008

France – French – Original Article (French)

The post-convention is an important stage in the election campaign for the presidency on November 4th. It’s the moment when conclusions can be drawn about the nomination of the candidates and their running mates before the final sprint to Election Day. In less than sixty days, the dice will be thrown.

On the starting line, the team of John McCain and Sarah Palin appears to have a slight lead over the Barack Obama-Joe Biden tandem. The polls confirm that Republicans have won their gamble by stealing the spotlight from Democrats.

The choice of Sarah Palin for the Vice Presidency is a big part of the reason. The young woman of 44 years and mother of five children has succeeded in presenting herself as embodying an America close to the people, while uniting the conservative faction of the Republican Party.

In particular, she has infused the campaign of septuagenarian John McCain with youth and renewed vigor.

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