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Posted by on Sep 4, 2008 in Politics | 9 comments

John McCain Liveblog

I went from “I’m not watching” to “I’m liveblogging” in the space of a minute. Let’s see what ol’ Straight Talk has for us. Catch it over at The Debate Link.

UPDATE: My verdict? It was good. Very good. Far superior to Palin’s nasty attack speech, a great motion to the center, surprisingly policy oriented, and very evocative of what drew many moderates to McCain in the first place.

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  • Jim_Satterfield

    My problem with this whole thing is that after a year of tacking hard right he expects us to believe in this transformation to centrism?

  • JSpencer

    I think it’s called the PT Barnum gambit.

  • I’ve made up my mind about this election already, but I watched out of a sense that I owed it to the John McCain of 2000. There was a hint of the themes from the McCain of 2000, but overall the speech felt boring and rambling. More telling than the speech, however, was the contrast of McCain’s message with the partisan rancor of the past two nights – I don’t think it works to have McCain claiming he’ll be bi-partisan after the attacks from other speakers. The fact that the crowd’s biggest cheers were on the drilling issue and at any hint of a slam on Obama underscored this point.

  • elrod

    A disjointed convention overall. Nixonland anti-elitism on Wednesday. And a boring bi-partisan speech (that I didn’t watch much of) on Thursday.

    What’s the message of the convention?

  • Similar to my thoughts David.

    But in order for it to work, he has to make the country forget what he’s said for the last 2 years, and what his president has done for last 8.

  • I kept asking my television, “how?”

  • 52novels,
    I think his answer was, “because I’m John McCain.”

  • JSpencer

    Ryan, I was struck by the same glaring contradiction you were. You can’t allow your minions to attack the opposition in a particularly ugly way one night and then profess to respect him the next.

  • I think ryan is good

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