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Posted by on Jul 24, 2008 in At TMV | 8 comments

John McCain Digs An Ever Deeper Hole


At least when John McCain screws up it’s in English. (Wink, wink.)

Mr. Foreign Policy Expert’s latest discombobulations are false claims that the Surge began well before it began (he apparently confused the Surge with the Anbar Awakening) and that a major Sunni sheik wouldn’t be around if it hadn’t been for the Surge. Alas, the sheik was actually offed by Al Qaeda-led insurgents in the midst of the Surge.

And speaking of dead people, the McCain campaign has unveiled a Web-based ad linking Barack Obama to Fidel Castro.

Every candidate is entitled to a few gaffes and an occasional bout of snarkiness. But McCain’s goof-ups occur with such regularity, they so often involve the one area that he claims expertise while he seems categorically unable to correct himself and talk straight when his straight talk isn’t, that I really have to wonder whether the guy is a few infantrymen short of a full platoon.

Then there’s this: Perceptions count as much or more than realities in the campaign world, and with every passing week McCain seems to act less and less presidential and more like an angry grandfather who lashes out when the grandchildren question his authority.

Sooner or later, that is bound to have a devastating effect when it comes to voters who are on the fence.

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  • superdestroyer

    Since Senator McCain is more inept at running for office than Bob Dole was, since Senator McCain is totally unfit to be president, since Seantor McCain has zero chance of winning, and since either Senator McCain has to stupidest group of campaign staffers to ever exist or he is too stupid to listen to them, it does not matter what he says or does.

    All the presidential campaign of Senator McCain does is give the media a good excuse to to talk about Senator Obama’s policy proposals or the staff he will have in the white house, or what will happen when the Democrats dominate all parts of the government.

  • DLS

    Che Guevara is the guy who should be used, not Fidel Castro. It was Guevara who was predictably on the T-shirt of one of the Obama campaign workers I met in Iowa.

    Of course, if the Obama personality cult (which cannot be truthfully denied, and in fact can’t be defended, either) becomes truly outrageous, we’ll see pictures and posters all over the place of Obama himself (rather than the name “Obama”) similar to the portraits in Cuba you see of Castro or in Venezuela of Chavez.

    (It’s not as bad as it could be! At least, not yet.)

  • DLS

    As the McCain-bashing, which is copycat Bush-bashing is tiresome, it’s fully appropriate here to change the subject at least temporarily. Noteworthy on Obama’s trip to the Middle East that the adoring media neglected to address in detail (because they’re busy being obscessed with the man himself) is that he traveled on an Osprey during part of that trip. Risky? PR by the Marines to get more funding for this aircraft? Does McCain want to kill this program? Etc.


    More if you’re interested in the Osprey here. Will Obama cut the program?

  • DLS

    Superdestroyer is correct. The issue is ineptitude, not the (false) view that McCain is an “angry grandfather” (which is not widely held at all).

    Shaun should, however, be honored. McCain’s campaign team took a page right out of Shaun’s Blame-Bush-For-Everything (extended now to McCain to perpetuate the Big Lie of “McSame”) playbook by blaming Obama for high current oil prices.

  • rudi

    DLS, the Che flag story originated in Houston, now you claim a Che shirt made it to Iowa? LOL – Obamama really is to the Left of Bernie Sanders. Seems a Google search turns up nothing in Iopwa.

  • runasim

    After everything that has been said about disgust with the politics of character assasination and Rovian politics, McCain turns out to be a prime practioner of the genre.

    That’s what should be the headline story of the day. If McCain wins because of his dirty campaign, I will be irrevocably disgusted with people who complain about politics. Either you reject it in the voting booth, or you lose complaining rights.

  • AustinRoth

    And I guess your position is Obama and his supporters are without sin?

  • Rambie

    Runasim, I too see similarities in the McCain campaign. Isn’t some of his new campaign staffers previous employee’s of Rove?

    Austin, no, I doubt anyone is without sin. However, Obama’s campaign has come nowhere near in smear tactics as McCain’s campaign has in the last week. Why is McCain pulling out the stops now?

    Was it just the McCain campaing trying to stay in the new while Obama was overseas getting all the attention?

    Is this the new McCain campaign just gearing up for the general election season? This is what, the third iteration of the McCain campaign now.

    McCain himself denounced smear tactics, when it was used against him *cough* Bush 2000 *cough* For him to use it now would be yet another reversal for him.

    I applauded McCain when he spoke out against these tactics just a few months ago. So, yes, I’ll denounce if he’s going to continue use it now just as I’ll denounce Obama is he uses it.

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