MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough goes through stages of being hated by those on the left and those on the right. Today it’ll be those on the right. The reason: he has (correctly) lambasted Arizona Sen. John McCain and the Republican Party for basically indulging in a grudge match against Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. Hagel’s nomination was blocked this week by Republicans insisting their filibuster was really not a filibuster — sort of like used cars are really pre-owned and not used cars.

The reason for the major Republican effort to stop Hagel, even if it mean illustrating (again) that the party intends to use the filibuster as an ordinary tool to thwart whatever Obama wants?

McCain, who veers between being a right winger trying to please his party’s Tea Party branch and the old (largely gone) maverick McCain who could not be counted on by either side, let the elephant out of the cage when he basically admitted that the REAL reason why Republicans are out to get Hagel is because Hagle said mean things about President George W. Bush. Scarborough seems genuinely amazed at this situation since barring some new explosive information it’s widely expected that Hagel will be confirmed. Watch:

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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Wow, McCain really needs to stick to the talking points. This is about Benghazi! It really seems like the GOP has just completely given up on trying to do things for rational reasons anymore.


Let me see if I’ve got this correct, McCain is still mad at Hagel who said mean things about Bush whose own campaign flat-out lied about McCain during the 2000 presidential campaign. Now THAT is some party loyalty right there!

BTW, wasn’t McCain’s main 2008 presidential campaign slogan, “Country First”? Oh the irony!


Probably both Benghazi AND Hagel’s former adamant objection to the surge, are both reasons as good as any for Republicans to justify even more useless Obstruction. But if these are taken to be the basic causes of all of the Republicans attempt to grill Hagel as if he were being interrogated by enemy forces, neither of these is sufficiently worth taking such unprecedented steps to block a nomination—temporarily or not.

I view this as one more attempt to flog the Obama Administration for daring to defy Republican dogma. As brcarthey said, Bush committed plenty of of offensive betrayals that McCain took personally during the 2000 primaries. Can’t we expect by now that our legislators are supposed to act like big boys and not pursue petty vengeance against those who upset them.

Plenty of people had doubts about the surge, and so Is Hagel being grilled over hot coals simply because he once expressed an opinion that turned out to be wrong? With all the blustery soliloquies delivered at the hands of various Congressmen on either side of the aisle, as well as the impassioned appeals they have virtually all made to their colleges, are we to believe Hagel is merely being taken to the woodshed for being just a fallible human being, and typical politician? To me it is much more obvious that all of this political theater is coming as a refusal to let the Obama Administration, get away from being negatively judged by voters. I would not doubt if they are already laying the groundwork for their campaigns in 2014 and 2016.

If they openly admitted the goal of attempting to destroying Obama politically, one Presidential election is not going to make them forget their politically personalized enmity. I think much of this hoopla, is happening because they are still trying to condemn the President in the Court of pubic opinion, and, they are not going to let go of that motive very easily!

Dorian de Wind, Military Affairs Columnist

Typically McCainesque: vindictive, bitter, petty,spiteful, vengeful,acerbic, small — just plain nasty…

Kim Ritter

The GOP has become quite Stalinesque in dealing with any member that strays from the party line. Hagel voiced his conscience in dealing with Bush on Iraq, and it was refreshing to see some independent thinking coming from a Republican. Of course, now he is reaping the rewards for sticking his neck out.
He may have been wrong about the surge, but everyone pretty much knew that we couldn’t sustain it, and so was it really worth the cost in human life and treasure??
Does anyone seriously think that we won anything tangible in that quagmire???


bluebelle said: The GOP has become quite Sta…

And still the ‘normal’ [sic] Republicans silently ignore what ‘their’ party is doing… What their party has become.