Joe Scarborough and Time’s Mark Halperin nail it:

May I say: “Ditto” not just to Scarborough’s comments but Halerpin’s about how every single thing must be political and partisan and “in a way that’s just so bad for the country.” Bravo to Scarborough about the search for finding and cherry picking pictures of Martin “to somehow suggest he deserved to be shot…” Scarborough summarizes it: it is “beneath contempt.” He also correctly notes that NOT all conservative websites are playing this game.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • roro80

    Maybe he’s trying to get out ahead of the fact that Trayvon’s social media and GMail accounts were hacked by a klansman, found some normal teenager stuff that supposedly proves Trayvon was a thug, and the fact that the emails contained all sorts of info on college searches and SAT tests and the like.

  • dduck

    People that are trying to demonize TM are despicable.

  • zephyr

    Thanks for posting this Joe – and well done Mr. Scarborough. There are good reasons for some things to be politicized, but when the reflex trumps decency and honesty we’ve all lost. I’ve had it up to here with ideologues and serial apologists for low standards. To quote a song lyric, when will they ever learn?

  • Rcoutme

    I am STILL seeing references to white kids who were killed (or whites killed by blacks) on my Facebook feed. They just WILL NOT get into the reality that a travesty of justice likely occurred (or is occurring) concerning the case. Please note that they = some conservative ideologues.

    I do not understand why, but for some reason they feel that they NEED TM to be guilty and GZ to be innocent. Somehow, in their warped, twisted, hate-filled brains they equate GZ’s innocence to a validation of 2nd Amendment rights and Stand Your Ground laws (as well as the NRA’s support for them). It’s as if they believe that if TM was really murdered it would destroy their reality.

    In the end, that may be the reason that they are so against the murdered guy. They don’t want to think that their viewpoints could possibly be wrong or need readjustment.

  • EEllis

    I think it’s just partisan politics as usual. Unfortunately the subject doesn’t matter, neither does honesty, it’s just trying to top them. People see any side playing politics they just can’t help jumping in.

  • bluebelle

    Its discouraging to see more evidence that it will take another incident like 9/11 to unite us.
    Even that terrible event was politicized — and used as a sword to divide us. I guess there is no nonpartisan ground left. If, God forbid, Obama was shot by a sniper– there would still be a fringe element rejoicing and the rest would rise up in massive outrage