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Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in Politics | 5 comments

Joe Biden’s Last Hurrah

An accumulation of small signs suggest a strong third or fourth place finish in Iowa today for Joe Biden to keep his candidacy alive. If not, it’s over.

County leaders and mayors have been endorsing him, and, perhaps sobered by the death of Benazir Bhutto, crowds have been coming out to hear what he has to say about Pakistan and other worrisome parts of the world as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Barack does a room, Hillary does a room, I do the same room and I win,” Biden told Roger Simon this week. “I have absolute confidence in that. The question is: Do I get in enough rooms?”

In debates, the Senator’s 34 years of experience get “Joe is right” responses from most of the other candidates. His confidence and command on TV are presidential, but the polls have him stuck in single digits.

Iowans, known for surprises in their caucus results, will have to give Biden more than that to keep him viable. If they don’t, there will be one less voice of experience and sanity on the campaign trail.

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  • Amanda

    If experience and competence were the actual requirements for a Presidential candidate, Biden, Richardson, and Dodd would be mopping the floor with Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. Unfortunately, the media and the majority of the electorate are more concerned with who raises the most money and who makes for the most interesting news story. Having a woman and a black man on the ballot are apparently more important than having proven leaders.

    That said, I would not be surprised if, after IA, NH, and SC, assuming he does well in those states, Obama starts courting Biden for the VP slot. He’d make for a good balance to Obama’s youth and optimism, plus he’s someone that people would not be afraid to have step in should something happen to the President. Edwards, I think, would be wise to court Richardson for the same reasons. Not to mention, Richardson is of mixed Hispanic heritage and has a very reasonable stance on immigration that could help Edwards snag a bigger chunk of the Hispanic vote. Hillary will not choose any of her current competitors should she win the early primaries. She doesn’t want anyone to take the attention from her, nor does she want someone who could be perceived as stronger or more powerful than she is. She’s more likely to pick a DNC insider who’s currently out of office but has a familiar name (like Vilsack or Gephardt).

  • DLS

    The Presidency is a popularity contest.

    Biden or Richardson are likely VP selections, if not Edwards.

    Obama starts courting Biden for the VP slot


    She’s more likely to pick a DNC insider

    [sickening smile] Someone ready: Evan Bayh

  • kritt

    I agree with DLS. Clinton will want a moderate Midwestern Democrat like Bayh who won’t care about not having too much power, Obama will want a VP with the experience that he lacks in foreign policy to beef up the ticket.

  • kritt

    Its a shame, because I honestly think Biden- despite his previous inane gaffes, is the best of the bunch. He’s experienced, knowledgable and decent.

  • DLS

    Clinton will want a moderate Midwestern Democrat like Bayh

    I mentioned Bayh earlier today (on another thread).

    He’s p e r f e c t for the role.

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