Joe Biden scored touchdown in vice presidential debate fiercely attacked Paul Ryan's record and Mitt Romney campaign platform, slams Ryan on asking for stimulus money in letters for district.

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Joe Biden Scores Touchdown at Vice Presidential Debate with Fierce Attacks on Paul Ryan’s Record and Romney Platform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The vice presidential debate was one of the best I have ever watched, far better than Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin. Joe Biden had a mission, to help blunt the effects of President Obama’s “empty podium” performance at the first presidential debate last week and that he did. He challenged his opponent Paul Ryan on every issue he raised, even asking “so you’re Jack Kennedy now?” That’s reminiscent of Lloyd Bensten telling Dan Quayle, “Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy.” When the issue was raised by moderator Martha Raddatz about stimulus and Paul Ryan tried to downplay how much good that infusion of cash did, Biden quickly reminded him of writing two letters asking for stimulus funds. That was priceless.

I am very, very happy with Biden’s performance. Some Republicans are complaining about Martha Raddatz and Joe Biden’s constant smiling and laughing when Ryan spoke. I didn’t view that as condescending. I viewed that as someone smiling at the bullsh*t being spewed by Paul Ryan, who got tangled up in the whole Afghanistan war, Medicare and abortion. Joe Biden was very strong on foreign policy, taking Ryan to task for suggesting that we put more boots on the ground in Afghanistan, when it is clearly the job of the Afghans to take care of their own security at this juncture. Why should we remain on the front line while they hang back? Remember Paul Ryan was the same person who said we shouldn’t be helping the 30% of takers in this country.

Paul Ryan’s goal at the debate was to build on Mitt Romney’s strong performance last week, but I don’t believe he did that. His toughest opponent wasn’t Joe Biden. It was his record and Mitt Romney’s campaign platform. He couldn’t stand up to Joe Biden’s withering attacks, such as Joe Biden’s comeback to Romney’s tax plan, that is was not “mathematically possible.” Paul Ryan, like his wannabe boss, didn’t offer specifics, even when pressed by Martha Raddatz on many of the issues. When he did, he came across as weak and waffling. Joe Biden skillfully worked in Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment and Paul Ryan’s 30 percent insult of most Americans. He also looked in the camera and asked Americans if they wanted Mitt Romney’s plan that won’t help the middle class or President Obama’s plan that will help the middle class.

Joe Biden came prepared and those 30 years in public life played out of the stage. He was a fierce opponent, who it almost seems was coached to interrupt Paul Ryan constantly. It threw him off. Remember Mitt Romney did just that last week and it worked. This week it worked for Joe Biden. Personally, if some of Joe Biden’s “pitbull demeanor” can rub off on Obama for the next debate, then he should be able to demolish Mitt Romney easily. Andrew Sullivan is happy and and so am I.

Martha Raddatz was an effective moderator who asked the right questions, pressed for specifics and forced follow-ups. Quite the opposite of the hot mess we saw from Jim Lehrer. Of course, since the Republicans are bitching about her, we know that’s a clear indication they don’t believe Paul Ryan won. Score one for the Obama campaign. This debate is what a CNN poll is calling a tie. I couldn’t disagree more. This was a seasoned politician schooling a neophyte. Is Ryan still drinking water?

Watch the vice presidential debate:

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  • zephyr

    Martha Radditz is great, I wish she’d been moderating the first debate. I see in today’s “news” that Sarah Palin is criticizing Radditz, which is funny given the intellectual and experiential chasm that exists between them. In short, the criticisms of Radditz from the right are born of discomfort; they clearly believe moderation should include endless tolerance for what Joe Biden referred to as “stuff”. As for Biden’s smile, I think it’s the right response to all the disingenuousness and inconsistencies being headed up by Ryan and Romney. The best way to avoid that smile is to be honest to begin with. That said, I think it’s a nice open smile as befits a man of Biden’s stature and humor.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    “As for Biden’s smile, I think it’s the right response to all the disingenuousness and inconsistencies being headed up by Ryan and Romney.”

    My thoughts, too, Zephyr.

    Actually the lies, inaccuracies, disingenuousness and especially Ryan’s constant refusal to answer the question and to provide any details (“we’ll do that after we are elected”) about any of his and his partner’s grandiose “plans” should have made Joe ROTFLHIAO

    Well done, Joe

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    “I viewed that as someone smiling at the bullsh*t being spewed by Paul Ryan, who got tangled up in the whole Afghanistan war, Medicare and abortion.”

    Factually put 🙂

  • dduck

    Well, there you go again, but seriously, you have a right to your opinion.
    I thought it was fine debate and more of a draw. Ryan did fine with smillin’ Joe giggling at everything. Joe did fine when he spoke. Raddatz was pretty good too.
    Joe bought time for Obama and Ryan showed he could talk the talk.
    Partisans may want to quibble so go ahead, make your day. At least there were two people at this debate.

  • Willwright

    I think they both did well, however I would give Biden a slight edge. Ryan to me at times seemed to get tripped up in his own underwear it seemed to me by giving long and wordy non-answers when questions requiring specific details were asked.

  • John_in_SD

    Old slow Joe did show up and proved that he is still old Joe. Should rally the party faithful and draw in a few others. But really, his generation cannot face the fact that Americans have to address the issues that will bankrupt those much younger adults. It just goes to show the the baby boomers are the worst generation of Americans.

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Hi John,

    I am not a baby boomer (a little older than those fine people) but while I agree that this generation of young Americans should be concerned about their — and the nation’s — financial future, I would not call the baby boomers “the worst generation of Americans,” and I am sure you did not mean to literally ascribe that superlative to all baby boomers in all categories.

    I seldom quote from Wiki, but this one seems to fit this issue pretty well:

    Ascribing universal attributes to a broad generation is difficult, and some observers believe that it is inherently impossible. Nonetheless, many people have attempted to determine the broad cultural similarities and historical impact of the generation, and thus the term has gained widespread popular usage.

    I know, I may be making a mountain out of a mole hole — after all it is post-debate day where some are making a ROTFLMAO out of Biden’s characteristic and contagious smiles and laughs (better than the silly wink-winks). If so, just ignore.

  • ordinarysparrow

    On the same page… fully agree with Zephyr and Dorian…most politicians could not of responded as Joe, such as Gore, but it worked for Biden…some people can get by with saying things that others could not get by with because they say it from a place of earnest goodness of being…Ryan came off as a school boy that was willing to say or do anything to get the high grade…

    For the past few weeks have returned to the time of the great depression…Romney’s position flavors Herbert Hoover and Uncle Joe with some ‘Given hell Harry ‘….

    Biden came across with the hands onexperience and wisdom of a Vice President and Ryan a hungry politican.

    So agree Radditz was outstanding, like a lazer…She is sharp…Five Star…

    For a fun read, here is a link of women twittering during the debate ….

  • dduck

    Yup, you libs got it right. Well, if you watched carefully, not through rose colored glasses, you would have seen old Joe making faces at virtually everything that was said even if he just disagreed slightly.

    It was a buffoon’s way off debating, and to pull the age card, DDW, is OK this old guy can still see phony and disrespectful acting when it is done poorly as Biden did. If he were Ryan’s age I would have expected Ryan to ask him if he is an idiot or having a seizure.

    Ryan did well, I would have lost my temper. Perhaps, as Obama has said about an opponent in a debate: “I was too polite”.

    And, puhleeze, guys, don’t give me the it’s Ok because everything Ryan said was a lie, BS, it was calculated to make his opponent look small, but it didn’t work unless you were a Dem.

  • dduck

    From the Rep. thread on the subject, which I think many moderates would agree with:
    “As a footnote, CNN undecided voters voted that the debate was a tie. One-third said Joe Biden won. One-third said Paul Ryan won. One-third are undecided. CBS’s insta-poll had it 50/31 for Biden. A CNBC website poll had Ryan winning 56/36.”

    I don’t like polls, but they do confirm that there was no blowout as either side contends.

  • John_in_SD

    Well DORIAN DE WIND, Tom Brokow used that phrase for a book of the men that fought WW II, hope that you were on the front line denounces his use of the phrase. Frankly, anyone who would actually quote from Wiki is not someone I would consider serious. You made some fine points and I think I would tend to agree. But the fact that from Clinton, Bush and Obama we have seen debt piled on this country and we have seen anyone even attempt to address the issues. Enjoy the weekend. Wasn’t it sweet to watch the Nationals blow that game last night?

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Hi John,

    As I said, “I seldom quote from Wiki, but this one seems to fit this issue pretty well,” so I hope you’ll forgive me for this one lapse of “seriousness.”

    And, no, I was not on the front lines denouncing the use of “baby boomers” by Tom Brokaw as I respect Tom Brokaw very much and if he used that term to describe our World War II heroes (and I have written quite a bit about their heroism), that is fine with me.

    Regrettably I did not watch sports last night. However, I’ll be glued to the TV tonight watching my Alma Mater hopefully beating Louisiana Tech.

    I also wish you a great weekend.