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  • Robert Bell

    I am cautiously optimistic about this form of reporting – i.e. juxtaposing video clips about what people *actually* say next to each other.

    The Daily Show has been a pioneer in this regard.

    My hope, of course, is that it will raise the cost of flat out lying or misrepresenting so that something else, i.e. explicit apologies, or principled restatements or adjustments of positions, will replace it.

    Of course, it is just as likely to degrade into a formula for more partisan sniping by clever editing and quoting out of context.

  • kritter

    Wow- powerful stuff. Nothing like juxtaposing the WH’s PR spin next to the real thing, to show how much they misrepresent the truth. Snow should be ashamed of that performance- but instead he’s shameless. Why wasn’t the WH press corps calling him on it more vigorously?

  • Sam

    Someone really needs to collect all the various videos like this and the ones from the daily show and put it into a video. I wonder how long it would be? 6 hours, 8 hours long? Maybe more people would really get to see how shady this administration is.

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