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Posted by on Dec 9, 2010 in International, Media, Places, War | 0 comments

It’s Time for China to Build its Own Aircraft Carrier to Counter U.S. Intimidation: Global Times, People’s Republic of China

Has China been too restrained and too considerate of its nervous neighbors, by not building an aircraft carrier of its own? According to this article from China’s state-run Global Times, America’s recent military exercises with South Korea near the China coast is all the reason Beijing needs to set aside any misgivings and begin construction.

For China’s state-controlled Global Times, Sun Peisong, director of China’s Jiangsu Lianyungang Development Research Institute, writes in part:

The term “Yellow Sea” refers to the waters north of the line between the Yangtze River estuary and Jeju-do Island. I live on the west bank of the Yellow Sea, across from South Korea. The sea is shallow, and considering the huge draft of an aircraft carrier, any military exercises would need to be held far from the coastline. Even if a carrier entered near the Daheishan Island Group, it’s still very close to China. It feels to me that a U.S. carrier battle group has come knocking on the door, and could launch a carrier-based air attack within 40 minutes, not to mention its numerous cruise missiles. While the world at large stresses the threat from China, personally, I’m feeling threatened by the United States.

Why isn’t the United States afraid of the Chinese Navy, to the point that it is actually sailing its carrier right into Chinese coastal waters?

If the Chinese navy entered international waters between Okinawa and Miyako Island, it would be depicted by the world as a maritime aggressor. It seems the Chinese Navy can do nothing but sit in its own doorway. When the U.S. engages in military exercises in the Yellow Sea, does it seriously consider the feelings of the Chinese people? How would it feel if the Chinese Navy and Cuba held exercises in the Gulf of Mexico? …

The Chinese Navy has always hoped to have its own aircraft carrier, but politically we’ve had to take the feelings of our neighbors into account. But because of the current situation, I think China shouldn’t hesitate; it should immediately announce the construction of an aircraft carrier. Given the Realpolitik “balance of power” principle adhered to by so many Asian countries, the currently balance of power is not conducive to China. The situation requires Chinese, through our own efforts, to restore that balance.

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