• pacatrue

    I’m basically liberal, but there’s two words for this argument: false dichotomy.

  • guy_incognito

    I don’t think it’s a false dichotomy at all. Somalia is a perfectly valid, real world example of what happens when all government control is forsaken and society is left to the whims of the “free market.”

  • Could be: “Love regulation? Love helping other citizens before your family? Love Equality? Hate state’s rights? It’s better in North Korea!” It’s silly to suggest that Republicans are anarchists. Isn’t it obvious most of them aren’t after the last 8 years? It’s just as farfetched to suggest that all Democrats are communist.

  • davidiskirk

    I wasn’t expecting such political and human clarity from these comments, its making me misty eyed. Good job being gentle rational and humane, humans.

  • On the subject of Somalia:


  • Well, you have to agree Somalia is the ultimate expression of hands off government! But you highlight a real problem in this country, and that is extremism. We have seen in this world that pure Communism does not work, and that a pure Socialist society doesn’t really work. We now know that unfettered,unregulated Capitalism also does not work. There is a balance that can best be achieved in this country, but we are too busy taking extreme sides and outshouting reason.

  • deutschscanner

    You’re all like wondering children, who just bud into a conversation without any frame of reference. 🙂

    The Comic doesn’t mention Republicans. It presents a set of ideals held by unreasonable people in the U.S. Republicans are obviously a large diverse population of people who can be respected. What this comic does is reminds People who are acting rediculous, that there is an equally rediculous solution for them, and hopefully lets them think twice about their sentiments. That’s what makes it a constructive commentary.

    As for pure communism, that has never been achieved. Russia and many other countries have always been a dictatorship, under the guise of communism (not that communism would work either). And nearly all of Western Europe is a type of Socialist Democracy, so saying Socialism doesn’t work, is like saying democracy doesn’t work. Sorry, the western world has applied principles of both, and both have been positive in a number of different ways. I lived in Germany for a year, it’s like freakin’ Disney Land compared to here. But that’s what I love about the U.S., it’s challenging.
    By the way, Capitalism works too. It’s just that in the world of politics and economics, nothing works perfectly, that’s why there has to be checks and balances. We’re working towards a more perfect union, not trying to preserve one. ‘cuzz it ain’t perfect.