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  • zephyr

    When I read this ruling I couldn’t believe it. “Dark Ages” indeed! Given some of the bizarre attitudes in some civilized countries (this includes rejection of evolution and the belief that rape is part of god’s plan) along with the decline of math and science knowledge, I wonder how science will be viewed in the future? As people become more ignorant they become slaves to ignorance and will be ruled by the ignorant. Are our brightest years behind us? One has to wonder. If I was an Italian I would be shocked, shocked, shocked.

  • Jim Satterfield

    It’s truly sad that this level of ignorance permeates so many supposedly advanced societies. From the rejection of evolution to the belief in spite of every scientific study to the contrary that vaccines cause autism widely spread beliefs show how little the majority of people understand about science.

  • sheknows

    In the future, Italian Seismologists can protect themselves better by merely stating ” yes, a notable tremor, but we have no idea what it means. Use your own judgement about evacuation”. The dark ages weren’t even as bad as this. Back then you might be condemned for supernaturally causing an earthquake, but not for not knowing when one would happen.

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