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Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 in International | 1 comment

Israel’s Netanyahu: Don’t Be Fooled ByIranian Moderate’s Election

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has a warning regarding the election of reformist-backed Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s president: don’t delude yourself:

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that international pressure on Iran must not be loosened in the wake of the election of reformist-backed Hassan Rouhani as president.

Mr Netanyahu said Iran’s nuclear programme must be stopped “by any means” and there should be no “wishful thinking” about Mr Rouhani’s victory.

The cleric won just over 50% of the vote in Friday’s election.

He said his election was a “victory of moderation over extremism”.

One of Mr Rouhani’s main election pledges was to try to ease international sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear programme, and he has also promised greater engagement with Western powers.

But Mr Netanyahu said on Sunday: “The international community should not fall into wishful thinking and be tempted to ease pressure on Iran to stop its nuclear programme.”

He added: “Iran will be judged on its actions. If it insists on continuing to develop its nuclear programme the answer needs to be clear – stopping its nuclear programme by any means.”

And, indeed, the real motor of change (or status quo) in Iran will be at levels ABOVE the Iranian President. But Rouhani’s election is a (baby) step in the right direction.

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