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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Featured, International | 11 comments

Israel Presses Gaza Assault as Rocket Panics Tel Aviv

Israel presses Gaza assault as rocket panics Tel Aviv (via AFP)

Militants defied a major Israeli bombing campaign across Gaza on Thursday, firing off volleys of rockets which killed three Israelis and sparked panic in Tel Aviv. As Palestinian deaths from relentless air strikes rose to 19, Defence Minister Ehud Barak gave the go-ahead for 30,000 reservists to be…

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  • sheknows

    This could not be more volatile. Isrealis are perfectly capable of escalating this to horrific proportions if Hamas keeps it up and we as their ally could be drawn into a very ugly situation. Most certainly, they will want our concrete assurance in the coming days. Obama may be called upon to give more than verbal condemnation if this gets worse.

  • StockBoyLA

    Why did Hamas strike at Israel in the first place?

  • rudi

    Most of the attacks were from an al Qaeda group. Hamas is even trying to negotiate a cease fire.

  • They cage, bully and abuse these people until these people fight back, then the wage another holy war. I’ve had it with Israel.

  • slamfu

    Sounds like these Salafists are only responsible for the last wave of missle, not the 300 or so previous this year. Hamas needs to quit randomly firing missles into Israel. And Israel’s occupation of Palestine was provoked decades ago by their invasion. They have never even acknowledged Israel’s right to exist, and have waged war on them since the late 40’s. They have been launching missiles into Israel for the better part of this year. Why should Israel be nice to them?

  • These people had their land stolen from them first, and have been oppressed ever since. Why should the Palestinians be nice to them?

  • slamfu

    Their land was stolen in 1968 as a direct result of their joining up with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria to annihilate Israel. This after the 1947-48 fighting with the same goal in mind. Its not like Israel just up and decided we are taking Palestine one day for no reason. They had a clear threat to their existence as a nation, you should hear some of the rhetoric that was coming from the planned invasion nations at that time. Its really old school stuff, promises of “Crusade” like slaughter of jews, annihilation, blah blah blah. The Palestinians are not innocent bystanders in this saga.

  • Not saying they are innocent, just saying they are now more victim than aggressor.

    My corollary is the Native American. The white man came to their land, slowly squeezed them out or used them to wage war against each other. At one point real war broke out, and then the native population was nearly annihilated in the process. Were the Native Americans totally innocent? Well, no, they had blood on their hands. But were they the victim? Absolutely.

    If our historic conflict happened today, I am 100% sure the Native Americans would be resorting to rocket attacks, IEDs and suicide bombers. And frankly, if I was a Palestinian in Gaza, I’d probably do it, too. And I suspect you would as well, if it was your people living under oppression.

    Israel needs to stop taking their land and stop blockading their economy & livelihood. Or maybe they just need to exterminate them outright, get a slap on the wrist by the U.N. (because the U.S. would veto anything harsher), and be done with it. Because these are the only two options at this point.

  • slamfu

    Or, Palestine can do what Egypt did, acknowledge Israel, promise to stop attacking it, ACTUALLY stop attacking it, and work out a peaceful solution. Every year this goes on Israel hardens itself and becomes less willing to negotiate. Hamas can not win through force. They can not advance the ball by randomly lobbing rockets into civilian centers, that does nothing. I am sure that if Israel could get a serious promise from its neighbors to basically quit threatening them with annihilation every chance they get, the old borders could be reinstated. There would be IMMENSE international pressure for Israel to do so. But instead Hamas wants to do it with bombs, which makes NO sense, because all they can do is kill some civilians here and there which has never gotten anyone anything they wanted. When Hamas grows up and figures that out they will have started on the solution instead of being the problem.

  • Egypt is a bogus comparison. Most of the Sinai was an uninhabitable, undefensible [email protected] Israel did not want. They were glad to be rid of it.

    But they are taken Palestinian lands, putting Israeli settlers on it, all sanctioned by the people, in clear defiance of what should be obvious morality. Then they fence the indigenous people away from their family farms, groves, & markets, and enforce economic blockades guaranteeing the Palestinians will be impoverished forever.

    Israel is the monster here.

  • jdledell

    As with most conflicts, this one is not black and white. One side the good guys and the other side bad and evil. Most of you know that my Grandfather was Irgun and, depending on your perspective, either a terrorist or a freedom fighter. He spent the 1940’s killing Brits as well as arabs, including exploding fertilizer bombs in arab marketplaces to sow fear and death. He was fighting for the dignity and statehood of Jews. He finally had enough death and left Israel after being with Begin at the Deir Yassin massacre.

    The current residents of Gaza are mostly refugees and descendants from Jaffa and Ashdod Israel who were driven into Gaza before and during 1947. My Grandfather was part of this campaign. As many of you know, Israel helped form and support Hamas because they felt Hamas would concentrate on religion and forget the nationalism of the Palestinian movement. You know the expression: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, certainly applies here.

    The biggest problem with Hamas and Gaza is the Blockade. While goods can be moved through the tunnels, it is almost impossible to effectively have the kind of economic commerce to support 1.5 million people. This also robs a people of the kind of dignity necessary to improve a society. Both in Gaza and the West Bank, Israel’s entire strategy is the belief that if they make life difficult enough, the Palestinians will simply move away and the problem will be magically solved. To this end, if things are too quiet in Gaza, Israel will drop a bomb on someone or some site there and then claim they quashed a terror cell. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t but Israel knows that Hamas will respond thus giving Israel the opportunity to respond even more.

    If there is not a single rocket out of Gaza for 100 years, Israel will NOT ever drop the Blockade. The same is true in the West Bank where every peace offer Israel has made from Camp David, thru Taba, to Olmert has had Israel in control of all Palestinian borders, sea access and air space. This means Israel retains absolute control over Palestinian life where everything and everyone coming from and going to Palestine is subject to Israel’s approval.

    Slamfu – The Palestinians have recognized Israel repeatedly. They are reluctant to recognize Israel as a Jewish state without some agreement on protection of minorities. From 1948 to 1966 Arab Israelis were subject to Martial law and their property could be confiscated without payment and they were required to get Israeli permission to travel anywhere outside their own city. Bills are routinely filed in the Knesset to revoke arab citizenship and even though it is unlikely to pass in the near term there is enough talk on the issue to scare minorities, even Christians. Israel is not going to go back to old borders without a Massada type showdown. The Greater Israel crowd is now in control of Israel. They want the Sinai back along with the part of Lebanon up to the Litani river, alongs with parts of Syria and Jordan. Recreating the Kingdom of David is the goal and I don’t think the world has the guts to stop them.

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