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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Journalism, Media, Politics | 4 comments

Is Trump useful?

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Is Trump useful?

Well, there’s this: “We should actually welcome Mr. Trump’s ascent. Yes, he’s a con man, but he is also effectively acting as a whistle-blower on other people’s cons. That is, believe it or not, a step forward in these weird, troubled times.”

That’s got more than a grain of truth. Paul Krugman is right. But here’s the problem: will enough Republican voters see through the Trump con before their convention or even before November? And even if they do, will there be any improvement in the behavior of that party in Congress — its resolute obstructionism, its refusal to take any responsibility for governing, its proud and public shredding of the Constitution? Oh, and that other question: who in hell created Donald Trump as presidential candidate?

Down the hall at the New York Times, fellow-opinion columnist Charles Blow takes a moment to get to the point and then, in close-up video, reminds us of the role the New York media have play in “creating” Donald Trump, presidential candidate. Go ahead and fast forward through the first minute or so. Just make sure you listen to the part describing what could be called the creation of a candidate — not by the people but by and probably for the massive and powerful New York-centered media whose machine has virtually groomed Trump to be a strong candidate, a media group that has given Trump the tools he needs to win.

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  • The Ohioan

    Yes, the inordinate attention the media has given to every Trump splutter is what has given the celebrity obsessed voters one more reason to applaud (and vote) for the latest P. T. Barnum emulator. The electorate has been trained to see politicians as just one more celebrity who is to be approved of or despised depending on the ability of his/her PR agent to influence their perception.

    I see constant shares on facebook of celebrity behavior and misbehavior as though they think it is important enough to share with everyone; and as though they think everyone is as enamored as they are by the shenanigans or pathos the celebrity elicits.

    No doubt when the UN, in trepidation, moves its headquarters to Europe or Doctors without Borders sends several crews carting boxes of tranquilizers to be dispensed at Trump rallies or at any more GOP debates (are there any more? Please, God, no…) the seriousness of our country’s very own fascist coming-of-age will be made perfectly clear.

    And maybe the media will report that as well.

    • JSpencer

      Well said Ohio. Our culture has been conditioned somehow to believe (as you say) that politicians are just more celebrities. They seem oblivious to the consequences of bestowing massive power on someone who is a clueless narcissist or a puppet with a pretty face. It’s just another game, just more entertainment. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Putin talks about this stuff. And there will be more “P.T. Barnum emulators” coming along after Trump, regardless of his political fate, because the bread and circuses lovers will demand it. And yes, much of the media will treat it as simply more entertainment.

    • dduck

      Nice rant Ohio.
      BTW, poor Doctors Without Borders. They get targeted (it seems) by us and the Russians, so I wouldn’t be near any where they are handing out “tranquilizers”.
      But, please, could you drop the fascist comparison thing, it is demeaning to the fascists..

  • Trump could jump up in the middle of the Republican convention and scream that he fooled everyone and that they are all idiots… and it wouldnt change a thing. They would nominate Rubio and move along as if nothing happened.

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