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Posted by on Aug 14, 2009 in Health, Politics | 6 comments

Is This A Joke? No It’s Just America’s Health-Care Debate

I still think that Obama will manage to win this ever dragging health-care debate – WITH a public option. But I feel like smacking my head on a brick wall as this week feels like America stepped into an alternative universe where up is down, left is right and sense became non-sense.

Why? Death-panels is your answer.

This week has surely been a very, very, nutty week.

What has been alarming about the health-care debate is the pace in which the tone and quality has degraded – something that both sides of the isle can take credit for.

The Democrat’s leadership have reverted to type. They have not presented a clear message and have appeared passive on a subject matter which directly affects all of their constituents. I truly believe that some are angry and upset because they do not fully understand the enormity of what is about to pass in Washington. How will overhaul affect their lives? Will it affect their medication schedules? Will it affect their access to seeing a medical professional? All of these are worthwhile questions to ask. Democrats that claim slowing down this process, so that congressmen and senators can sooth the fears and answer the questions of their constituents is ‘killing reform’ are quite simply undemocratic. The legislation is complicated and very difficult for paid politicians to understand, so think about how your average Joe (the plumber) feels.

On the flip side – for Republicans to allow their corner of the isle to claim that ‘Obama-care’ will see Grandma’s health be judged before death panels is absolutely amazing. DEATH PANELS!

This isn’t a Van Damme movie, this is real life.

If you believe that Obama’s health-care proposals will lead to a decrease in the standard of service than that’s fine, but to insinuate that someone will be actively choosing whether a disabled child on an elderly person dies or not is damn right dishonest. Quiet frankly, outlandish claims such as this shows how Republican moral leadership is bankrupt.

In fact if Sarah Palin is dictating your strategy for health-care than you’re in very real trouble.

Both-sides of the isle should be taking a long hard look at themselves right now.

American finds it self at an important juncture in history, the decision of whether it should adopt a simi-socialist (chill socialism isn’t that bad- social security hasn’t turned American into Russia has it?) health-care system or refine the capitalist form they have is a decision which should be taken with cold blooded sobriety and life affirming truthfulness.

In the last elections, some said that Obama would be a President that would bring the divided together once again and that he would be a transformational President. Well one out of two ain’t bad.

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  • Father_Time

    What the opposition to real healthcare reform didn’t count on, is a President that will stand up and fight while staying the course. Unlike President Clinton, a Moderate, President Obama is not going to run away from the fight as it gets tough. As the President PERSONALLY debunks wacko arguments to healthcare reform one by one, the opposition has no alternative but to create more and more crackpot arguments that fall by the wayside with ever increasing destruction to the their credibility. The President brings the power of diversity to the national stage by bringing one specific quality attributable to his race; He will fight your ass on principal down to the last meatball on the plate.

    This is my President of whom I am well pleased.

  • Leonidas

    I think a prediction of an Obama victory is premature, he can’t even convince his entire party at present, much less the greater American public. Its going to come down to a choice (if he can manage to convince the Blue Dogs) between remaining in power or getting healthcare passed. The Democrats will chose remaining in power. Funny thing is, even if they chose it, they might not get it.

    • NRafter530

      Are these two things mutually exclusive? Because if they are, then America is really in trouble.

  • Father_Time


    Incorrect. Our party IS THE DEBATE. One we will decide with our majority, while the republican party is forced into strange unconventional opposition techniques.

    Actually, we have already won, but I must say that the republican wacko machine is doing a fair job in making us think we haven’t. That will fade.

  • redbus

    There’s a grammatical error in the headline. It should read “it’s” not “its.”

  • Much of the problem comes because it is far easier to present a simplistic message even if it is inaccurate. The Democrats have to explain an 1100 page document in a sound bite for the media whereas the Republicans, proponents of health reform according to their own rules, simply have to make character attacks, use terms like “death panels” and they can attract media attention far more easily. When the Republicans are backing away from their own supported end-of-life discussions because Palin created her “death panels” term and using the term keeps gaining media attention, we all know this has everything to do with derailment of the opposition at any cost.

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