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  • casualobserver

    And in the interest of balanced reporting, we have this conflicting report”……

  • roro80

    My guess: it has something to do with one or both of the two issues Weiner has been most vocally working on recently. Abortion and/or Clarence Thomas.

    Breitbart has made up controversies twice now, with the purpose of taking down people or groups that were making the biggest impacts at the time. Acorn was registering too many black people to vote for the first black president, and Breitbart did his fake sting on them. It didn’t come out for months that the whole thing was BS. When the Tea Party started gaining popularity, and the NAACP rightly began to vocally point out the blatant racism of so much of the movement, that’s when the Shirley Sharrod video came out.

    Now, Weiner is fighting for a lot of issues, but the ones I see him actually getting through to people on are the ethical miscreance of Clarence Thomas and the whole abortion issue. He is among the very very few actually being vocal on either.

    Best guess is CT. I know I didn’t notice anywhere in the papers where he submitted his finances, yet somehow it happened, quietly.

    It is my best guess that Breitbart made this whole thing up. It might not be the case, but that’s what I anticipate coming out. Also anticipated: if and when the truth comes out, there will be huge portions of the population who only remember that Weiner sent his weiner. Because the level of discourse on this story.

  • DLS

    Well, since Weiner exudes such a stench, …

  • rudi

    A screen capture of a photo loses all JPEG property data. The screen capture doesn’t list correct date or camera …
    Right click on a photo in a PC folder and compare with a screen capture.

  • slamfu

    Why oh why would anyone in elected office ever take pictures of their junk? These guys who get in trouble on the internet are so, so, so stupid. If you post pictures of yourself, have pictures of yourself somewhere, and are an elected official, it will someday be the end of your career. So don’t have them. Sometimes life is complicated, sometimes its just that simple.

  • DLS

    It’s not as though Weiner is the first House member from New York.

    Of course, the Democrats this time are responding differently than the Republicans did with Lee.

  • EEllis

    How in the heck could Breitbart not run the story? They have the screen grab and confermation by a press release by Weiner before they went live. Of course they ran it. Now you may complain about the spin put on it or that they haven’t given the “hack” excuse equal time but Weiner’s crew needs to take some heat for the hack, that is but isn’t and the I don’t know who’s weiner it is BS.

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