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Posted by on Mar 27, 2007 in At TMV | 19 comments

Is the Surge Working?

It just might:

The US military has captured the leaders of a car-bombing ring blamed for killing hundreds of Iraqis.

The news came as the departing US ambassador said Americans are in ongoing talks with insurgent representatives to try to persuade them to turn against al-Qaeda.

Khalilzad said the talks have shifted from “unreasonable demands� by the groups for a US withdrawal to forming an alliance against al-Qaeda. He said the effort has gained support among tribal leaders and even some insurgents.

“Iraqis are uniting against al-Qaeda,� he said.

The always positive Jules Crittenden concludes that the coalition forces “are winning”.

As I wrote: “positive”. The surge is working in some regards, I think it is safe to say that, but does this mean that the coalition forces “are winning”? One battle won does not mean that one is winning the war. There will be many battles, problems in Iraq are complicated, so, one has to be extremely careful before proclaiming that “we’re winning.”

Of course I understand Jules and I hope that the surge will work, but… I have to say that I remain very critical of the surge and fear that, once it has ended, insurgents / terrorists will return to business as usual.

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