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  • SnarkyShark

    Is Rep. Jack Murtha Being “Swiftboated?”

    Does the sun come up in the east? Voters rewarded them for Swiftboating Kerry, so why wouldn’t they do it again?

    These guys think they can do this stuff over and over again, and the general public will buy it. In other words, the think the general population is a bunch of chumps. Are they right?

    I give you 2006 as proof they were the first time.

    Much depends on wether the general public is willing to swallow this big steaming pile of crap a second time.

  • Salmineo

    Murtha has broad shoulders and deep loyalty for this nation. As you can see, he does not give a damn what these people say and niether do I, nor millions and millions of Americans sick of this stupid Mid-east policy.

  • TomH

    I can’t believe the pentagon will allow Murtha to be smeared. He is a bonafide decorated vet, beyond impeachment, and to smear him would smear any and all past and future men and women who served our country. If they don’t step on these knuckleheads, then shame on them. Thank God for people like Jack Murtha, he makes Bush &Cheney look like little kids ducking for cover and that’s what pisses them off and makes them go to their surrogates to try and embarras him. Note to Cheney, Murtha cannot be moved…

  • SnarkyShark

    I give you 2006 as proof they were the first time.

    I meant 2004..

    Preview is my friend…preview is my friend…preview is my friend..etc

  • SnarkyShark

    He is a bonafide decorated vet, beyond impeachment, and to smear him would smear any and all past and future men and women who served our country.

    You would have thought that about Kerry too. But never underestimate some of the general populations willingness to be led around by the nose.

    Sad really.

  • liberalhawk

    I didnt check the link – is this about his Abscam involvement?

  • SnarkyShark

    I didnt check the link – is this about his Abscam involvement?

    Why don’t you do that then?

    Oh, you were more interested in being Karl Roves bitch, gotcha.

    We’ll then since your obviously proud of your willfull ignorance, I’ll splain it to ya.

    The same shysters who claimed Swiftboat liars for smears was a sponatainious(haha) rising up of veterns who cared about their country too much to stay silent, are the same shameless liars who are putting up the anti-Murtha websites.

    Except now alert e-citizens are all over them, and have exposed the cockroaches, and now they are scurrying about.

    But go ahead and tie yourself to that lot.

  • Rudi

    This is standard op-procedure for “dirty tricks” hidden agenda Republican politics. Sorry for the rant, but this smells just like MoveAmericaForward and Melanie Morgan. Maybe troll “liberalhawk” will click on the link or Google Melanie Morgan. This smear did not work with McCain and S&L scandal.

  • Chippedchips


  • Chippedchips

    My hat’s off to every “Swiftboater” with the exception of those bush asssucking skanks that lied their teeth off about Kerry.

    Ya know what we called those Swiftboat crews? SET’s

    Slow Easy Targets.

    They deserve medals for just stepping on those plywood canoes.

  • Rep. Murtha served his country honorably and well. That said, his current political positions, along with some of his recent statements, are marginalizing him.

    I would hope that a soldier would understand the importance of only fighting battles which can be won, but Rep. Murtha has apparently been speaking outside his area of expertise (when he suggests that Iraq could be protected by troops stationed in Okinawa, for instance).

    In addition, some of his more recent statements baffle the imagination – for instance, saying that the US poses the top threat to world peace.

    I hope that Rep. Murtha rethinks some of his positions, and takes a little more time to think before speaking.

  • Jim

    David B,
    I read through some of the stuff on Murtha’s site last week. I’d say the LAST thing he does is shoot from the hip. In fact I think his visits to Iraq and military hospitals housing the injured soldiers has given him more than enough time to think. He’s stated numerous times that a quick strike force located close at hand is what will be required. Letting Iraqis govern and police themselves is the only way to go in the long run. Specifically this comment from his speech in Cleveland makes me think he is in fact thinking before he speaks:

    Today our military is unsurpassed in terms of strength, training and technology. We thought our military could do anything, but we found something we could not do. They are not a world police force. They are trained to destroy an enemy, which they do very well. But they are not trained to be policemen, or nation builders, or diplomats, and yet that is what they are being asked to do every day.

    How long do we need to stay there?

    if anyone needs to think before speaking I’d say George “Mission Accomplished” Bush and Dick “last throes” Cheney need to be at the top of your list.

  • SnarkyShark

    David B

    You just dont get it. Murtha is pretty much speaking for the Marine corps.

    He is saying the current posture is not sustanble. Did you think there was no limit to our ablity to sustain 24/7/365 Combat operations? Espeacilly with the war-lovers unwilling to pay (taxes) or enlist?

    Murtha has apparently been speaking outside his area of expertise
    spoken like someone who doesnt have a clue.

    Never before as so much been expected of so few by so many who have contributed so little

    -narkyShark 2006

  • liberalhawk

    i did click, and mr Marshs convoluted post did not explain what Mr Murtha is accused of. If its his involvement in Abscam, I dont see what that has to do with his military service.

    As for Mr. Rove, i think Mr Rove is delighted with Mr Murtha, and the way he is bring the Democratic party in disrepute. His attempt to run against Steny Hoyer for the House Dem leadership was somethine only a Karl Rove could love, and had to be stopped by the grownup in the Democratic party.

  • liberalhawk


    This is your sight. Ive tried to contribute. Do you think im a troll?

  • SnarkyShark


    You’re not a troll, your just delusional.

    Although not reading a link before spewing your rightwing blather is quite troll-like.

    But keep posting as your delusional ditto-mongering, it’s pretty funny.

    Like some kind of evil parrot on acid.

    Plus you really help illustrate to any moderates how sick and twisted the right really is.

    Your like a parody of yourself!

  • Pyst

    A liberalhawk of the ’60’s is a neo-conservative in ’00’s. Except for loving those pesky civil liberties a perfect match.

  • Kim Ritter

    Murtha’s problem is that he speaks from the heart. he genuinely cares about the marines, and can’t stand to see them dying in this stalemate. He lacks the cold objectivity of Cheney, Rummy and Rove-who seem to have little connection between their decisions that affect so many and their feelings about the war.
    Even LBJ, who was as tough as they came decided not to run again because he couldn’t stand the chants of the protestors outside the White House yelling “Hey, Hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” It just got to him. And its gotten to Murtha who just sees the waste of life and money in this war.But Cheney, Rummy and Rove are just such cold bastards. I would include Bush, but I think he does care. Murtha’s heartfelt speeches make him an easy target for the “win at any cost” GOP.

  • Chippedchips

    I think someone needs to change their handle from liberahawk to liberalchicken-chickenhawk?…da trolls are full up.

  • Salmineo

    David B

    November Mr.Bell. November you will learn the meaning of “marginalization”.

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