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Posted by on Jun 10, 2009 in Economy, Politics | 10 comments

Is Peter Schiff the Next Ron Paul?

Peter Schiff, a conservative-leaning libertarian and author who is contemplating a run against Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, was on the Daily Show last night to talk about his latest book as well as the current state of our economy. Now, I was only vaguely familiar with Schiff prior to his Daily Show appearance, as Schiff is well known in paleolibertarian circles and shares a political philosophy that is similar to Ron Paul’s. However, his appearance on the Daily Show was the first time I had seen him in such a high profile venue and in front of a left-leaning crowd that might be hostile towards some of his political views. However, Schiff actually came across rather well in the interview, with Jon Stewart going so far as to showing old footage from the cable news networks showing pundits ridiculing him even as he offered economic predictions that, in retrospect, have actually proven to be fairly accurate.

Towards the end of the interview, he hinted at running against Dodd. Running as a Republican in a liberal state against an entrenched Democrat, Schiff would probably be an underdog. But Dodd’s connections with the banking industry cannot be helping him all that much at a time when the government is giving billions of dollars to Wall Street in the midst of an economic recession. And a win by Schiff would put in the U.S. Senate a libertarian-leaning, indepedent-minded Republican who, like Ron Paul in the U.S. House of Representatives, would be critical of the political leadership of both political parties.

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  • Video has been fixed. Thanks Nick

  • DLS

    Only one T at the end of “Connecticut,” Nic.

    As for Schiff, he’s one of those “colorful” characters like Harry Browne who gets misused as being typical of libertarianism (about which the Left gets very neurotic; maybe because the real thing is the real liberalism); his books are like Browne’s — entertaining, you could say. Still, given who and what gets into office routinely these days plus the history of Dodd, there’s nothing wrong with Schiff taking on Dodd and hopefully winning just to get Dodd out of there. (“Countrywide” Dodd was also notorious in the past for mischaracterizing the post-1994 GOP as “extree-mist” incessantly on C-SPAN.)

  • Ryan

    I hope not… one’s enough, thanks.

  • Schiff was an economic consultant for Ron Paul’s campaign, so I assume there’s a similarity in their positions, but I’ve never heard Schiff discuss any other issues beyond economics. I’m not sure whether that alone makes one “libertarian-leaning”, though I can hope that he is.
    He is certainly well-spoken, though I’ve seen criticism of some of his predictions.

  • Bill!

    Good to hear from you. I still remember you from the time you called into the Harry Browne show during Eric Dondero’s infamous guest appearance.

    It’s good to hear from more libertarian-leaning types at this blog. I agree with you that Schiff really limits his focus to economic issues and doesn’t really offer much libertarian critique in terms of civil liberties and foreign policy, though he’s pretty well regarded in paleolibertarian circles. Since I tend to be more libertarian on civil liberties and foreign policy and more of a moderate on fiscal policy, I wish Schiff would focus more on civil liberties and foreign policy and demonstrate how they both have an negative impact on our economic freedoms, kind of like Ron Paul does, only hopefully more a little more charisma than Ron Paul (no offense to Ron Paul supporters).

  • Rinfo1

    Schiff in DC to Assembly Team for Senate Campaign

    …At first, Schiff was reluctant, noting just how hard it would be to take down a five-term senator, especially as a Republican in a blue state. Now he sounds all but convinced. He’s got a team of consultants in place—who are working on a “month-to-month” basis as he considers the choice—and he had to dash out of our interview so he could meet with NRSC chair Sen. John Cornyn….

  • Thanks to DLS for pointing out the spelling mistake. And while I’ll bet you all knew how to spell Connecticut, I”ll bet most of you didn’t know where the name was derived from.

  • Sorry to all for the outdated link to the YouTube Daily Show clip. The clip was working when I posted it, but good old Viacom had the clip taken down in a matter of hours due to copyright infringements. Luckily, I was able to embed the clip directly from the Comedy Central website.

  • RedRumDevil

    I’m glade to see some good Libertarian’s running for office. I hope he win’s!

  • px9000

    I’d vote for him we need truth tellers not B.S. Artist We need more than anything a real 3rd party!

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