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Posted by on Jul 24, 2009 in International, Media, Politics, War | 24 comments

Is Obama Snubbing the King of Morocco?: Le Quotidien d’Oran of Algeria

King Mohammed VI of Morocco

One of the things we try to do at WORLDMEETS.US is bring to the attention of the American people stories and news sources rarely touched on by U.S. media – but that involve our nation.

The situation in the Western Sahara is one such story, demonstrating once again that in all kinds of situations, what an American president says and does results in major repercussions.

This article from Algeria’s Le Quotidien d’Oran highlights a conflict that has been going on for decades over what was until 1975, the last vestige of the Spanish Empire.

After Spain withdrew, the region was claimed by Morocco and Mauritania. But the people of the Western Sahara in the form of the Polisario Front demanded the right to self-determination.

Mauritania has withdrawn any claim, but the Polisario Front’s battle against Morocco continues. Now enter President Barack Obama – who is signaling that he opposes the Bush Administration policy of backing a plan put forward by King Mohammed VI of Morocco for ‘broad autonomy’ for the Western Sahara within Morocco .

The King is not amused.

For Le Quotidien d’Oran, columnist Mahrez Ilias quotes Spain’s newspaper El Pais, writing in part:

“In his letter to the king of Morocco, Obama forgot to sing the praises of Morocco’s proposal of autonomy for the Western Sahara – a proposal that over recent years, his predecessor George W. Bush supported in his messages to the Moroccan monarch. … The stance of the new U.S. administration is nourishing Rabat ‘s worst fears, after the U.N. secretary general’s personal envoy didn’t even manage to see the Moroccan king during his tour of the region.”

By Mahrez Ilias

Translated By Sandrine Ageorges and Elise Nussbaum

July 19, 2009

Algeria – Le Quotidien d’Oran – Home Page (French)
A new version of the Baker Plan, which addresses the problem of the decolonization of the Western Sahara, is in the realm of possibility with the new American administration. [The Baker Plan would grant self-determination to the people in the Western Sahara]. Or so international relations analyst Carlos Luis Miguel believes. Interviewed by the Algerian Press Service, Miguel draws his reasoning from the attitude shown by President Barack Obama after last spring’s tour of the region by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s new personal envoy, U.S. diplomat Christopher Ross.

[Editor’s Note: The Western Sahara is a contested territory that from 1884 to 1975, was a Spanish possession called the Spanish Sahara. After helping to drive out Spain, the Polisario Front, also known as the Saharawi Liberation Movement, undertook to drive out Morocco and Mauritania, who both laid claim to the region after Spain withdrew. Mauritania has since relinquished any claim.]

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  • jwest

    So Obama hates white people, cops and now Moroccans?

    Where will it all stop?

    • odb71

      No it does not hate Moroccans just their bullying toward the Polisario people,We Algerians are willing and ready to defend the helpless and the good people of the Polisario period!!!God bless Algeria and vive le Polisario.I’m surprise that Moroccan people can’t see what their so called King is doing,And i promise you he will not succeed as long we Algerians are in front and in your highness way.

      • Josepe99

        Odb 71, go get a life and a country while Your at it. Algeria is a mismanaged joke. So much wealth but no brains to put it to use. Take a peak accross the borders: look at Tunisia, and look at morocco. By the way help the Polisario: give them a piece of you miserable country, maybe they will do a better job with it. Morocco is for moroccans and their friends.

      • momo1

        Fuck Algeria million times! you have nothing to do just killing and destroying your own people by the name of democracy and such crap… build your country first and try to heal what your military forces did to your own people and again Fuck Algeria!

        • odb71

          Fuck Algeria!!! Is this the way you blog?Tell me plz that is not what you can come up with?I bet you won’t have the balls to say to an Algeria persone!!!No matter how messed up my country is i still love it regarless what others think of it,Again…..we’re not perfect and i guess neither you.

  • yari1

    1- Why dont you give the polisario your Sahara?
    2-Start by defending the helpless algerian people from the military algerian junta and the ex general/dicator slash president for life Bouteflika.
    3 – The king of Morocco is loved by the vast majority of Moroccans .
    4- I dont need to promess anything, the desert in the south of Morocco is, was and will be part of the kingdom of Morocco forever despite the military rulers in Algeria ,
    5- Peace and love to all the freedom fighters in algeria.

    • odb71

      I don’t know if you read news but they’re already in Algerian Sahara, and we don’t have a problem with it either,As matter fact they are welcomed anytime since you’ve been kick’em out of their homes and lands!!!

      1-We’re not perfect and neither you,And as far as Bouteflika he’s the president of Algeria and he’s doing a fine job as well.
      Of course the King is loved by the vast majority of Moroccans,You must have his pictures everywhere and anywhere, make sure that you don’t criticize or speak freely because you know what??????

      2-Promise or not,You can think or dream of it as part of your Kingdom,But the fact is you don’t have it and you never will because is not yours,But you can keep trying though.

      3-Freedom fighters??You mean the same people who’s blowing the innoncent!!

  • shehrazad

    you algerians have first to defend yourself against your army killing you and decapitating christans like the french of Tibehrin in 1996..

    Obama has just a problem of “beginners”,like in the Cop vs Pr.Gate Debate,he talks before thinking,and that shows the lack of experience of this president,and a lot of problems in the futur for US policy..

    Please Mr Obama,be quiet sometimes,it will help you and your friends

  • Iberkak

    President Obama can’t afford losing one of the closest American ally, Morocco, and pick an ex communist state, Algeria. Yes, US still needs Algerian oil but also needs reliable friends in the Muslim world. Choosing to side with some thousands Saharan that don’t want integration over 33 million Moroccans will be a disaster for North African stability.
    Western Sahara was never a state. The conflict would have never existed if wasn’t to Algerian generals’ ambitions in the region.

  • ar1231231

    This is only a propaganda made of algeria. The letter is clear support to Morocco. This is political science and not just politics. US will never give up morocco. The sahara is moroccan and will stay moroccan. Again this is only an algerian propaganda.

  • This report is entirely false ,another attempt by the Polisario to postpone the obvious.Sahar is Moroccan and will remain Moroccan forever.

    forcing Morocco to give up the Sahara will cause the destruction of the entire region.It will be worst than Iraq or Vietnam.

  • moroccan

    The king of Morocco was elected King and so was his ancesstors. No surprises!!! As for Algerian ”so called” president, he reflects 0 characteristics of a real president. Stuck with you for as long as he wants just like his friends in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. We have a monarchy system and we accept it. Thats one, number two: There is no such thing as Polisario anyway, there is Algeria and only Algeria. They use this so called state of polisario to get a hand on our sahara and vast beaches and natural treasure. If they really want to help anyone, they should help their people first. I have a relative joke for you all. ( There is this Moroccan who visited Algeria, one day he stoped by a juice bar (ma7laba) he ordered a “panache”, the algerian server asked the Moroccan, what’s a Panache? He replied, well a panache is a mixed of fruits like Apples + pears + bananas + pineapple + strawberries for example, you mix all in orange juice or milk and you get a panache! So can you get me one now? The algerien server stared for a minute then replied ” RABBEK f JENNA???” lol

  • germelou

    The article is wrong in its assumptions and facts. Not worth debating. If anything all are realizing now how big a mistake it was to let this conflict go on and drag feet in fully supporting Morocco in its quest tor recuperate its lost territories.

  • conflictanalyst

    The use of the word “snub” is clearly exaggerated. It should be noted, however, that the Obama administration debunked these recent rumors and reiterated what every other administration said, that is their support of the UN-led efforts to resolve the four decade long conflict. Yes, the Bush administration did express more warmth (an outlier, really, in the history of the US involvement in the conflict) but this didn’t come at the expense of the Polisario-Algerian interests who fight a brutal battle on the floors of the Senate to tilt the administration’s position in favor of their agenda.

    It should also be noted that the WS conflict is under Chapter VI of the UN charter which requires a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict, so any talk about one-sided initiaties and outcomes is simply baseless.

    Conflict Analyst

  • maghreb
  • maghreb

    Why would your website post this article that is clearly anti-Moroccan without having the Moroccan point of view represented. Do not be fooled with the Algerian Army of crooks and mafiozos- Please read:

  • jtarouane

    Les Algeriens n’ont d’abords qu’a se debarasser de la gente militaire corompue qui les gouverne et vole leur resources! Des milliards et milliars de petro dollars alors que les Algeriens ne revent que de quiter leur pays!
    Quand a cette histoire de Polisario ce ne sont que des gangsters finaces par la gente militaire algerienne por detourner l’opinion public des problemes du quotidien!
    Vive Le Sahara Marocain!

    The algerien peopel must first fo all worry about getting rid of teh governing military gunta and their corrupt governemnt stealing an dplundring their billions and billions of petro dollars while at teh same time, Algeriens only dream about leaving their country even for doing mundane jobs!
    The Polisario is a bunch of gansters at the order of Bouteflika and his officers!
    Long Live The Moroccan Sahar!

  • maghrebi

    Sahara will and had always been Moroccan. Sorry Polisario which is Algeria. Algeria tries to cover its failure to make its own people prosper even it is a rich country by its resources by making up lies and troubles for its neighbor, Morocco. Algerian people are my brothers and my sisters. The problem is with the military who rule the country.

  • yari1

    1-ODB”Bouteflika is doing a fine job”.
    Rumsfeld ” The iraqi people will greet us as liberators”.
    Ahmadenajad “there is no homosexuals in Iran”.
    Not that you are any of the later two but your quote is as delusional as theirs.
    2- Moroccans will never ever go against their king , because again we love him and our system was not created by the french , turks or corrupt generals , We did it 1400 hundred years ago.
    3- Fact check: you keep the polisario in camps , the dont own S , give them a country with sovereinty if you care so much about them . How about the tindouf republic of people who were born in Marrakech?
    4-Odb, we are already in the south of Morocco , we dont need ” to have it” , we are there already , hellooo.
    5- When i say freedom fighters, I mean people who dare speak against the military mafia in Algeria, unfortunately , you are not one of them.

  • whynot1

    sinse the coupe etat of mohamed boukharoba known as president (boumadian) algeria start claiming it will support all the leberation mouvments of the world, the whole world knows there is 1000S of separatist mouvment all over the plannet they never recieved any help from algeria specialy thoese figthing super powers like russia , china, sepratist mouvment of spain ,france ,irland ,etc………to undersand algeria’s goal a person need to look at algeria’s map before the french colonialization and look at it again after indepandence more than 45% of today’s algeria was a land anexed from the serounding countries and added to algeria by the french because they consedere it a colonie and they have many generations french people who were born there, my question to the algerians did you ask the malians,the libyians,tunisians,moroccans, if they want to be a part of youre new republic? or you forget about the right of self determination of the people then ?

  • hassan123

    To odb71:
    I am an algerian living in morocco. Algeria has not taking care of us, so my family has flee to morocco.
    Morocco is an wonderfull place, we’re free here. We do what we wanne do.
    No terrorists, no nothing! My father has a job, we have food. And let me tell you an other thing, we’re You all listen to your president telling how bad morocco is etc,,! but let me tell you somthing, morocco is the best arabic country in the world, if it come’s to freedom! And morocco, has al ready got the western sahara!!! so, algeria can’t do anything, there just speaking!!
    So , , ,think again

  • hhlyam

    Let’s talk facts.
    1- Obama’s letter is just a diplomatic answer to King’s letter. It’d be wrong to jump to conclusion.
    2- Morocco and Algeria have so far managed to keep the status quo viable, because they have other errands to take care of: development, education, health-care and so on.
    3- The Saharan issue is not about decolonsation or selfdetermination or territorial intergrity: it is about geostrategy and struggle for leadership in North Africa.
    4-Obviously, Morocco has won the war. If the war resumes tomorrow, it will be a direct declaration of war by Algeria.
    5- Morocco has been improving the economic and social situation in the territory. Many observers are astonished when it comes to assess social and economic achievements in the region. But it’s not enough.
    6-When Algerian media talk about human rights violations in Morocco, it’s a charade. How about Algeria?
    7- The Moroccan proposition is a good deal. It is a win-win solution.
    8- Polisario living in Tinduf do not represent all Sahrawi population. It’d be sound for them to defend their rights in Morocco and accept the rules of democray.
    9- The main prosperous dynasties that ruled Morocco came from the south of the country. How come that people from this region seek to divide the country?
    10- When independent, Algeria inherited plenty of terrirories that used to belong to neighbors. In 1983 Algeria signed agreements on borders with Mauritania, Niger, Mali. Prior to that, it signed similar agreement with Tunisia and Morocco. The issue of border is still pending with Libya, but nobody talk about it.
    11- The cold war is over. And the main challenges for all North African countries are: promoting human capital, improving democratic process and the rule of law and giving hope to popele.
    12- Obama with Morocco or with Algeria? This is a wrong way to perceive diplomacy and politics.
    13- Algeria can get what it wants from Morocco by unveiling its real claims.
    14-Morocco has to understand that it has to meet people’s expectation.
    15- Algeria media are among the very seldom ones in the world that cannot help missing a day without spreading new about Morocco. Moroccan media do the same when Algerian media exaggerate.
    16- Moroccan-Algerian rivalry can be solved in a couple of hours when the deccision-makers in the countries are convinced that time has come to do so. It seems that Algerians and Moroccans have to wait a little bit more time: two decades or so.

  • moroccan

    Algeria is very spacious. If you look at its map you will notice how it is eating so much out of Tunisia from the east, Mali and Niger from the south and Morocco from the west. They have so much land that it is practically the second biggest country in Africa after Sudan. That is all thanks fo France. Now whan France withrew with the help of Moroccans, they rejected the idea of renegotiating the borders with the parties concerned. Now they even want more out Morocco beaches. We will never ever give up one inch of our land or sea. We fought Spain back then with the famous Green March and we will fight anyone else threatens our nation and stability. Algerians, you want some Sardines?? Buy it dont occupy it.

  • Moroccan

    Algeria is very spacious. If you look at its map you will notice how it is eating so much out of Tunisia from the east, Mali and Niger from the south and Morocco from the west. They have so much land that it is practically the second biggest country in Africa after Sudan. That is all thanks fo France. Now whan France withrew with the help of Moroccans, they rejected the idea of renegotiating the borders with the parties concerned. Now they even want more out Morocco beaches. We will never ever give up one inch of our land or sea. We fought Spain back then with the famous Green March and we will fight anyone else threatens our nation and stability. Algerians, you want some Sardines?? Buy it dont occupy it.

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