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Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in Media, Race | 5 comments

Is Former Republican Party South Carolina Bigwig Trying to Provoke Twitter?

Is a former Republican Party bigwig from South Carolina trying to provoke Twitter by doing Tweets that cannot be confused with thoughtful discussion — and in fact will bring him charges of racism? Is he perhaps trying to set himself up as a conservative political martyr?GO HERE AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.

NOTE: My own view is that American politics and media “success” (hits, book contracts, speaking tours, getting a contract on a cable network) hinges on being provocative, controversial: basically loud, outrageous, pushing the envelope or even throwing it totally off the table, and stirring up hatred on one side or another. Whether this is the intent here or not, it fits into how our politics and some of the media now work. To put it bluntly: with all the issues to discuss and ways to discuss them, every writer, Tweeter, etc has options on how to proceed. Their choices often speak more than volumes — or entire websites.

So go to the link (or his Twitter feed) and draw your own conclusions………

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