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Posted by on Oct 29, 2006 in At TMV | 15 comments

Is A Centrist Movement Imminent?

From Paul Silver at Austin Centrist:

The ranks of independent voters is swelling while those of Ds and Rs is declining.

While the idea of a Third Party doesn’t seem to gain much traction, a Centrist Movement aimed at promoting Centrists of either party seems to be a path of far less resistance.

The definition of “Centrist” is becoming more clear: Trans-ideological, pragmatic, semi-secular,

An increasing number of prominent personalities are talking like Centrists: Barack Obama, Colin Powell, John Danforth, John Kerrey, Joe Lieberman, Mark Warner, Rudy Guiliani, Michael Bloomberg, Lincoln Chaffee, Michael Dewine, Arnold Schwarenegger, occasionally John McCain, Hillary Clinton, The NE Senators…

There are Centrist Groups that are ripe for trans-ideological collaboration: The DLC, Republican Mainstreet Partnership, It’s My Party Too, Dems for Joe…

Read it all by clicking on the link.

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