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Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in At TMV | 0 comments

Irony Abounds In Shirley Sherrod Case

I was listening to my morning talk show today and they were discussing the Shirley Sherrod case and the fact that everyone was jumping to conclusions, etc. A couple of wonderful bits of irony came out that I just found wonderfully bemusing.

The first was the fact that in reporting the story the media talked about how the farmer in the case was deceased but his wife was still alive. Well it turns out the farmer is not dead and there was a wonderful clip (check around 2 minutes) of a CNN interview with the wife. The anchor asks the wife about what her late husband thought of Sherrod and the wife responds ‘he aint dead’ and the anchor (incredibly) replies with the comment ‘really ?’ as if she’d make it up.

So in a story on how the media and/or government failed to do some fact checking it turns out the reporter failed to do some fact checking.

Then there is Glenn Beck. I am not a fan of Mr. Beck but at least he has the ability to admit when he was wrong and to call a mistake a mistake.

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