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Posted by on Mar 2, 2013 in International, War | 5 comments

Iraq – What Were We Fighting For Again?

Iraqi Forces On Syrian Border (AFP)

As the United States tries to decide how to support the rebel army in Syria the country that we spent a trillion dollars and lost 4,000+ Americans is fighting that same rebel army.

For the first time, Iraqi forces opened fire on Syria shelling the positions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) days after Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned that a victory of the Syrian opposition would spread chaos in the region.

Al Arabiya correspondent near the Syrian-Iraqi border reported that Iraqi snipers took up positions on buildings near the Rebiya crossing while others forces shelled the positions of the Free Syrian Army.

The correspondent said that large reinforcements were being deployed by the Maliki government in Baghdad near the Syrian borders.

On Wednesday, Maliki warned if victory by Syrian rebels will spark sectarian wars in his own country and in Lebanon and will create a new haven for al-Qaeda that would destabilize the region.

“Neither the opposition nor the regime can finish each other off,” he said. “If the opposition is victorious, there will be a civil war in Lebanon, divisions in Jordan and a sectarian war in Iraq,” Maliki said in an interview with the Associated Press.

So we overthrew an arch enemy of Iran and replaced it with an Iranian client state.  Of course this is no real surprise as it was predicted by many before the war started.

via James Joyner. 

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  • slamfu

    Yea, Bush REALLY screwed the pooch on Iraq. I still believe the worst thing anyone can do is be the head of state of a nation and start a needless war. Everyone that died in the Iraq war died for no good reason. The after effects will be with us for a very long time. What was he thinking?

  • cjjack

    Not to mention the fact that the source for the story is a news network funded by the same country that was more than happy to have the US dispatch their old enemy in Baghdad, while at the same time cheerfully exporting the very brand of virulent fundamentalism that led to Al Qaeda.

    We can argue all day long about which rebel group we should be supporting in Syria, but the real question is…why are we still supporting the House of Saud?

  • zephyr

    Amazing how quiet people on this subject these days. Where are all the loud, righteous voices who were so gung ho about defending the Iraq invasion and Bush/Cheney? I guess that means history is a good teacher, but somehow I’m not comforted by that. People have short memories..

  • bluebelle

    I found it quite amusing that Senator McCain was expounding on the success of the surge during the Grand Inquisition on Chuck Hagel, when he knows better than anybody that it marked probably the only point in the whole 9 year mess when we had any control over the violence.
    Now, not only is it chaotic, Iraq is a good friend of Iran’s and for all we know now sponsors terrorism just like their good neighbor

  • ShannonLeee

    I still wonder…

    Had the war been run by a group of people that did not have their heads shoved completely up their … Would Iraq have turned out differently?

    Had HW been President, would he have gone to war? If so, would he have done a much better job? Would it have been possible to do a worse job than W Inc.?

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