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Posted by on Jun 9, 2006 in At TMV | 4 comments

Iraq — “scattered, fragmentary acts of violence”?

Over at The Reaction, co-blogger Creature looks at the Zarqawi killing, the spin from Tony Snow, and the truth about Iraq.

See here.

Some further reaction to Zarqawi’s death is here.

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  • Alfred Hitchcock

    The Ministry of Truth

    1: Ignorance is Strength

    2: Freedom is Slavery

    3: War is Peace

    What reallly happened on 911?

  • Snow is completely correct about the scattered, fragmentary acts of violence by the fascist insurgency, and about the fact they are completely in the minority and regularly destroyed–despite the media’s absolute unwillingness to be on our side and tell the truth about that. (And once again, “our side” means America’s side, Iraq’s side, and freedom’s side, not “Bush’s side,” as much as some people would like to believe different.) There is little rational basis for beliefs to the contrary.

  • Elrod

    I supposed the violence during the Lebanese Civil War was just “scattered and fragmentary” too. Same with just about every other guerrilla war. Dean is forgetting that much of the violence these days is committed by fascist thugs WITHIN the Iraqi government, and its Sadrist allies.

  • Pyst

    Elrod, shame on you! Those Shite death squads are sanctioned by our gov., now shush! LOL

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