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Posted by on Feb 7, 2013 in At TMV, Business, Economy, Law, Miscellaneous, Nature, Satire, Weather | 5 comments

In The Matter Of “Acts Of God”

“Acts of God” is a legal term that applies to things beyond human control such as floods, meteor hits, et. al. Insurance companies use this definition to excuse themselves from paying for certain types of damages they claim is not covered by their policies.

Fine. I understand that. But…

There are religious institutions of various faiths that claim to be God’s representative on earth. This is not just their reason for existence, it’s the financial basis of that existence.

So the question becomes: If you represent God on earth, aren’t you responsible for damages He causes that are not covered by private or government insurance? And do we have here an entirely new and exciting field of litigious jurisprudence?

Questions of comparable importance are considered in Michael Silverstein’s novel, The Bellman’s Revenge, the twin themes of which are toilet seat-borne venereal disease and excessive parking ticketing — available now from Amazon.

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  • sheknows

    Ah, but did God hire them as legal representation?
    I am a representative of the human race, but I am not legally responsible for all of it’s foibles, mis-steps, bad decisions, and general insensitivities. 🙂

  • MICHAEL SILVERSTEIN, Wall Street Columnist

    I’m sorry SheKnows. You are responsible. For everything. But if you sign over all your assets to me, I’ll take the blame and there will be no further enforcement action…

  • sheknows


  • dduck

    In History of The World, Part 1, the lord gave us 15 commandments, unfortunately the tablet with the rules that MS wants was lost. See why:

  • Enkindle

    Christians do not “represent” God, they worship God. I can’t speak for the others faiths. You have a frivolous lawsuit in the making.

    If you want “acts of God” insurance then buy it and pay for it, rather that expect your acts of man insurance to cover what it specifically does not.

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