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Posted by on Jun 14, 2007 in Politics | 4 comments

“I Got A Crush On Obama”

A new video has popped up on You Tube — again showing its how potent it is as a communications and political tool..this song “I Got A Crush On Obama.” According to ABC News, the video took Democratic Senator and Presidential candidate wannabe Barack Obama’s campaign by surprise:

TMV thanks Political Wire for the tip.

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  • Pretty good video, and having a babe gush over you can’t hurt. Aside from, possibly, John Edwards, what other Prez candidate- D or R, would this not be utterly laughable about?

  • kimrit

    Obama definitely is a triple threat- looks, brains and charm! All he needs is for the earth to open up and swallow Hillary Clinton before the New Hampshire primary! 8)

    Seriously, hope the guy at least ends up on the Democratic ticket, because it would be a shame to waste all of that , um talent.

  • pacatrue

    Obama was in that video? I didn’t see him. I must have been distracted. I better go watch her, I mean um the video, again.

  • DanielleClarke

    Firstly Hillary Clinton does have 2 women supporting her for every 1 Barack Obama has. However, barack has the highest percentage of COLLEGE EDUCATED WOMEN compared to Hillary Clinton.

    This song is great because it can reach those, who follow blindly after Hillary just because of name recognition. If this is what i takes to get these women to GET EDUCATED ON POLITICS then i say go for it. I would love to see much much more of this to try to bring these women over to the Barack Obama campaign (at least for a look see = ) so they could be around women with a little bit more insight into real life politics.

    Its a shame, how so many women, just follow fads and don’t know why they do it. I wish Hillary had more substance to offer her followers, especially the female followers / supporters.

    Come on girls, women, who can relate to these women, who need direction in their lives
    (where they can hopefully learn more about the real world issues in life)
    please do your own videos or songs etc and help educate american women about what is really important in america.

    Its time we made people like Barack Obama the major following instead of people like Parris Hilton etc etc etc, who would follow blindly after someone for president just because she has “estrogen” running through her bloodstream!

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