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Posted by on Jul 24, 2006 in At TMV | 6 comments

Hugo Chavez Visits “Europe’s Last Dictator”

AP via Cincinnati Enquirer:

MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hailed the man dubbed “Europe’s last dictator” Monday as he started an international tour by visiting the authoritarian leader of the isolated former Soviet nation of Belarus.

Chavez, a former army lieutenant colonel and a frequent, harsh critic of the Bush administration, was greeted with hugs and smiles by President Alexander Lukashenko at the presidential palace in Minsk.

Lukashenko, like Chavez, accuses the United States of trying to overthrow him. He has been in power since 1994.

The Belarusian leader has been criticized by the international community for quashing dissent, jailing opponents and extending his time in office through votes widely considered illegitimate. The United States and European Union slapped sanctions and a visa ban on Lukashenko and other top officials following presidential elections in March that the opposition denounced as fraudulent.

“Here, I’ve got a new friend and together we’ll form a team, a go-ahead team,” Chavez said before one-on-one talks. “I thank you, Alexander, for solidarity and we’ve come here to demonstrate our solidarity.”

Lukashenko, an open admirer of the Soviet Union, returned the praise, calling the president of the world’s fifth-largest oil exporter “a man of extensive knowledge.”

“You are versed not only in the economy of Venezuela but in the Belarus economy, as well. You know military science, the military-industrial complex, and this impresses me very much,” he said. “We have many directions for cooperation. There are no closed topics for discussions in our cooperation with Venezuela.”

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  • Exchanging recipes, no doubt.

  • Salmenio

    At least you have to say that Chavez is working on behalf of his people. Unlike our prezzeldent

  • Pyst

    I haven’t heard of Chavez cracking down on dissidents, running secret prisons, or anything that would make him legitimately the enemy some here in the US claim him to be. He thinks we suck, so what? It’s his right to think the US sucks without threats from religious leaders here, or the US state dept. issuing vauge threat like responses to him saying in effect we suck in his opinion. This thing where the current powers that be here more or less threaten even our own people (vauge threats, you either with us or with the terrorist crap) has run amok, and dissent of any kind is some kind of terrible threat is getting really old. If we had any real leaders we’d do our best to talk to Chavez instead of pushing him to the point we see him openly back countries we think, and are truly horrible examples.

    He’s tweaking our nose, but not crossing any lines giving us any kind of real reason to act. Basically he’s baiting this administration and they are biting like starving fish.

  • Salmenio

    I loved the Chavez donkey clip…

    “Boosh chu are a donkee….chu are a donkeeee….”

    Now those were great sound bites. We need a bumper sticker…

  • lol

  • Gregoire (from Europe)

    Maybe the US is not fighting Chavez openly, but it is finding ways to get rid of him in a good old fashioned Anglo-Saxon covert op kind of way. As the US did in many operations in South America. Chavez is a small potato in infringing human rights compared to what the US doing. But you find yourself so superior and become blind. Amerixans are now the most hated nationals outside the US. The only thing that keeps other peopele killing in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America is that you carry so much money and have a lot of marines.
    In a couple of years the US will just collapse and fall apart, but until that moment it will use all its military resources to prevent this, that is normal for any giant that is the end of his reign.

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