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  • Hmmm, I can only say that it has been one of the coolest springs ever in Nashville, TN. Much cooler than last year and I think we even hit a record low recently. I know because I opened my pool in early April based on last year temps and we haven’t even been able to get in it so far because the water is freezing.

    That global warming is a sneaky gal, ain’t she? LOL

  • Elrod

    It’s pretty cool this May, though. We had our first 70 degree day in Chicago in two weeks. And now it’s back to the low 60s.

  • AustinRoth

    And defining ‘ever’ as roughly a 110 year period is rather limiting as well.

  • Ryan

    Hot April, chilly (to say the least) May. Sounds like your standard weather patterns. A little over one month, a little under the next month.

    At least I’m getting no shortage of rain this spring. I barely have had to water my new plantings I made this spring at all.

  • Noone Really

    In upstate, NY, according to the weather guy this morning, we’re at a temperature a bit lower than usual.

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