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Posted by on Nov 3, 2009 in Media, Politics, Religion | 14 comments

Honor Killings On The Rise, Media Response Seems Limited

Imagine for a moment that a segment of the Southern Baptist Church was supporting the idea of parents killing their teenage daughters for going out on dates. The public reaction would be swift and severe (and properly so). Media figures like Bill Maher would go ballistic, labeling the entire Christian Church with such behavior.

And yet when this exact thing is happening within the Muslim community the reaction seems muted. In the United States today there are parents killing their children (usually daughters) for engaging in ‘dishonorable behavior’. One parent recently killed his child by running her over with his car.

I am not suggesting that this behavior represents the mainstream of any faith. But it is something that ought to be condemned regardless of where it is being done and the PC silence on the topic is disturbing.

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  • Father_Time

    There are consequences for allowing other cultures into the United States. It’s not just “let everyone join the great American melting pot and this is good”….BS.

    We do not want to have parents and siblings honor killing family members in the United States. We must, at the very LEAST, require those begging to inter the U.S. to make written and verbal condemnations of this ridiculous practice. If not then “see ya”, have a nice life elsewhere. If they agree and make the commitment but kill a family member anyway, then mandatory death penalty! Anyone making the threat, immediate deportation and persona non grata for ever.

    It is stupid to put up with crap like this.

    • ksb43

      Amen, brother.

      If you want to come to America, then acclimate–assimilate. We’re not going to tell you what religious beliefs to hold, but don’t bring that old world crap with ‘ya.

      • Cannot force people to assimilate really, then would be telling them they have to be exactly like us. Instead, make it very clear that civil law is above religious law and what those laws are. In our country following religious law is a personal choice rather than a government imposed truth, and that despite the fact that something in ones chosen book may say such actions are necessary, in our country there are laws against murdering people, and against any actions that would infringe on any individuals freedoms.

  • Guest

    Finally, somebody else is actually noticing this.

  • Murder is murder. Infanticide is murder, no matter what age the child is. A lot of kids, young adults, whatever, need to experiment & explore, most of them will make mistakes. A mistake should never be regarded as a capital offense; rather, they are “learning experiences.” When cultures & traditions intersect, there is more space for exploration & more room to learn in. Let the kids be kids, they will, if they were raised well, probably straighten up on their own when they see the why of their errors for themselves.

    I have had to explain this to many Moslem parents, usually from back-country (in the old-country) families. It’s not easy to chisel out this sort of logic from a lifetime of contrary conditioning. I like to think that I may have saved a few lives by trying to do so. I don’t expect that I’ll ever know. The rest I can only pray for.

    Shariah, as practiced, has too many capital offenses for this day & age. But people need to see this for themselves, we can’t tell them so unless & until they are willing to listen.

  • shannonlee

    the PC silence on the topic is disturbing.

    Lets stop and think for just a second….Islam isn’t the predominant religion in America, not even close. The reason most ant-religion rhetoric is towards Christianity is because it is the driving religion in America.Also, if you’ve ever watched Bill Maher, you would know that he does his fair share of tearing into Islam. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Father_Time

      Seems like you are side stepping the primary issue and thereby protecting immigrant honor killing murders. Anything for a political attack.

      You don’t care what you are talking about.

  • shannonlee — agreed, exactly.

    Patrick — Why isn’t this just a story about what happened, or even, since this is an opinion site, a story about your opinion about how the Muslim relgion lead to this (which seems to be what you’re implying), etc.? Why is this article focused on some perceived lack of media attention? It’s all over the blogosphere AND the major news sites/papers. If you were paying any attention, you’d realize that those of us who are active within groups that work to stop violence against women are *absolutely* condemning this action, the attitude toward women that lead to it, and so very many other stories that are similar — in this country and in others. It’s offensive to try to use the horrific violence that young women face at the hands of their own families to try to make some point about the “PC liberal” media.

  • Davebo

    “In the United States today there are parents killing their children (usually daughters) for engaging in ‘dishonorable behavior’. One parent recently killed his child by running her over with his car.”

    Two murders and one attempted over several months. As opposed to 45 per day in the US on average.

    Stop the presses indeed.

  • rudi

    What is the actual number of honor killings in the US? Is the Meme and Malkin crowd just blowing HotAir…

  • rudi
  • rudi

    Just another dirty Arab story, but where’s the outrage over 5000 dowry killings in India.…The country with the largest Muslim population(Indonesia) doesn’t have a problem with honor killings, dowry murders or flogging women:

    • Father_Time

      One in America is too many. Hindi or Muslim or whatever. Used to be Christians could kill their bride if she was not a wedding night virgin. Our culture is modernizing, these dirty cultures are not. They will by force in America. Period.

      You lose.

  • rudi

    These “honor killings” can be counted on one hand. Why does the Meme crowd twist their diapers over a non story.

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