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  • Slamfu

    No we wouldn’t. SOmeone would just bring up some dirt on him and we’d all forget about the important stuff in order to gossip.

  • PaulSilver

    Dirty politics notwithstanding a variation on this theme might be particularly compelling to independent and swing voters:
    We need to make sure we are collecting enough taxes to fund a minimum standard of quality of life for all Citizens. We need to reduce or eliminate programs that are inefficient or ineffective. We need to allow the cost of energy to rise so that the cost of renewable energy will fall We need to minimize the influence of special interests…
    I think that Obama thinks and speaks this way most of the time.

  • Slamfu

    My point exactly. Obama has come as close to that message as any of the candidates, yet since they don’t have any good dirt on him they’ve gone to those around him. His Pastor is a radical, there Obama is a closet black panther maybe. His neighbor, you know, those people we always get to pick, is a former radical. Therefore maybe Obama is a lefty anti-american sympathizer. He’s from the Chicago good ole boy network, maybe he’s really Irish and been on the take for his entire career. Gossip.

  • RememberNovember

    Tell that to Taylor “I’m a Clinton Flack” Marsh. Either way if McCain becomes President we all lose.

    What about McCain and G.Gordon” Watergate-I love Hitler” Liddy?, Rev. Hagee?
    Why isn’t the media all over these guys…oh sorry John, was that powdered or sprinkled?
    McCain IS a donut- Sugary and filling on the outside with no center.

  • PWT

    Was Mr. McCain a member of Rev. Hagee’s parish? No, of course he wasn’t. There is the difference, so obvious that a blind man could see it.

    But, you know, Bigger and Gus are inseparable and that’s why Bigger ain’t gonna get the keys to the car this time around.

  • jchem

    OK…so I have my problems with McCain and the pastor that endorsed him. But at the same time I have to look at where both of them are at. I mean, Obama had his wedding and his children baptized at this church with this man. We can say all we want to about McCain’s association with Hagee, but he wasn’t there for 20 years soaking it all up. He may have courted it out of political expediency, but then again, I think any republican in his standing would. I’m not a fan of promoting certainly biased cites, but I stumbled across the views of Obama’s new pastor.

    Is this another “pastor issue”? And if it is why should we care? At the same time, I don’t know why we are at this level. I mean, should our candidates have to pass some sort of religious test to be able to run for office? To me that seems to go against the first amendment. Maybe guilt by association can come into play here; but I have to say that the arguments that many are now making against McCain for his “affiliation” were the same ones that were being made for Obama. Only then we were supposed to put everything in context.

    I know Rich (NY Times) wants to try to make this a mute argument, but McCain wasn’t apart of Hagee’s church for 20 years. And when confronted about Hagee’s hatred, he disowowned him right away. Why did it take Obama so long to do?

  • Slamfu

    Neither one should be anissue. Lets pay a bit more attn to what the candidates are saying can we? Good lord. No one is going to phone up their priest and ask permission whether to bomb Iran or not.

  • runasim

    Good grief, I see the media mindset at work. The questions by jchem and PWtTare copies of the same talking points that I see all over the Internet and cable news, phrased in exactly the same way, without so much as a single personal contribution to the debate. It looks like spam.

    There seems to be zero inerest. in actual information..

    The differences between Hagee and Wright are many., and I think it woudl interetsing to discuss them. Obviously, the questions posed aren’t real quesitons, and answers are the last thing hese questioners seem to want.

    I just hope there are enough people who care enough about the dangerous state of our politics, especially in Washington, to want to change it for the better. I hope they rise to the occasion instead of pulling every one else down and back into the same old rut.

    I disagree with Obama about some things, but I support him because of his emphasis on the process by which outcomes are achieved. Right now, that’s what the country needs to improve, and improve a lot.

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