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Posted by on Sep 9, 2007 in At TMV | 10 comments

Hillary Clinton vs. Rudolph Giuliani: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In a new post at The Gazette I argue that Rudolph Giuliani and Hillary Clinton are mirror-images of each other. Some of the similarities between the two frontrunners:
They’re authoritarian
They’re secretive
They’re from New York / Representing New York
They’re foreign policy hawks
They’re small (short)
They shouldn’t be loved by the base of their respective party, but they are doing well in the polls nonetheless
They hold different views than the base

They’re more; many more even. If you want to read more on the similarities between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani and what it all means, please click here.

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  • Lynx

    Simply a confirmation of what I’ve been thinking all along. This is the reason that if Hillary wins the primary (and it would be just like the Democrats to nominate the candidate that they love the least and the Republicans hate the most) I may actually end up voting Republican, or third party. I’d at least consider voting Republican if it came down to Hillary vs. Rudy.

    silly ps: The Google ads on this site are great fun, since they recognize words but not context. Currently I have an ad for a “free China report” (whatever that is) a military singles site, “Shepherd’s Bush Hotels”, “Jarrett Bush Game Pass” (an NFL thing) and “Kerry car rentals”. Gotta love it LOL.

  • superdestroyer

    I do not understand your comments about the bases of the parties. Blacks vote over 90% for Democrats. They are one of the biggest supporters of Senator Clinton and they will not vote for Giuliani no matter what. The same goes for Hispanics, jews, and homosexuals.

    I think you are getting the base of the party confused with the netroots.

  • C Stanley

    I think the comparison is very apt.

    And then of course, there’s this:

  • C Stanley

    Oops, that didn’t work…try this instead:

  • superdestroyer

    In the book “Friday Night LIght” Buzz Bissinger argues that the winning candiate for President is the one who looks the most comfortable at a high school football game. Every election since at least 1976 can be explained this way. The question is thus who would look at comfortable at a high school football game (at a public school), Clinton or Giuliani. Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan would have loved the setting but I do not believe that either Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton could ever manage to look comfortable in such a setting.

  • Tom

    I still think Rudy is the more authoritarian. I keep thinking back to 1997 and Abner Loiuma who was beaten and sodomized with a broomstick by some NYPD, who shouted, “It’s not Dinkins time, it’s Giuliani time!”
    That, and that incident where he wore drag.

    Which produces some disturbing imagery. For example, when Giuliani eagerly endorsed torture during one of the Republican debates, I had this image of him in drag, sodomizing suspected terrorists with a broomstick, questioning them in falsetto.

    But perhaps that’s just me. 🙂

  • C Stanley

    Yes, that sounds like a personal problem, Tom. 😉

    I think Rudy could have handled the police brutality cases a lot better, but I have a hard time seeing why he should be blamed because an errant cop invoked his name. Just because that was the mentality of some of the thugs on the force, and they viewed Rudy as giving tacit permission to their excessive use of force, doesn’t mean that this was so. Again, he should have handled it better (he leaned too far in the direction of giving benefit of the doubt to the cops in all cases) but then again, he was correcting the excesses that went in the other direction during the Dinkens administration which had encouraged the lawless environment in NYC during those years. To some extent Rudy overcorrected but overall his reforms were badly needed.

  • Lynx

    SD, I actually think Rudy would do fine at a high school football game, he doesn’t look like rough and rowdy gets to him. Now Hillary is a whole different animal, she’d HATE it.
    As for the other candidates hmmm…on the Republican side I bet Huckabee would do best at the game, Romney would be more a little league baseball sort. McCain would not do well in such a setting I think. As for Fred…I dunno. On the Democrat side Obama would do fine (though I bet he’d secretly wish he was at the Opera instead) and Edwards would be OKish. Probably the WORST at it would be Hillary.

  • domajot

    It’s hard to imagine a candidate whom I wouldn’t choose over Giuliani. He has the same tendency to provoke confrontation when it’s not necessary, and, as mayor, he never learned the difference between being strong and being offensive. Vote for him if you want a continuation of the same kind of diplomatic gaffes that are alienating the international community from us today.

    BTW, concerning his popularity with the police, he achieved that by being insultingly dismissive of community concerns about police brutality or racial bias,, often refusing to even meet with representatives. He is a divider and alienator in spades. Even when he was right, he was right in the wrong way so much, that any positive results were always unnecessarily stained by the negaive.

  • RoseFranklin

    I am a Democrat but I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. At all, in fact I loathe her. I work in IT, professional woman- supposedly Hillary’s best demographic- but I just revile her due largely to her support of outsourcing, and doubling the H1B visa allocations.

    Those of us who work in tech know how much this has devastated the industry. Foreign workers in tech (not just India/China, Europe is a problem, too) have an unsurpassable advantage because their tech education is subsidized by the state- very different from USA, where we’re up to our ears in tuition debt to get the necessary education to go into science or engineering, any technical field. So the H1B and outsourcing always drive down our wages severely and deprive us of jobs.

    And we can’t merely just “retrain” and “jump to higher-level jobs” either- with outsourcing and the H1B, US-trained tech workers are being denied the essential entry-level experience that’s needed to do the more interesting work and start the companies. These policies are utterly ruining the lives of our best and brightest people. It’s gotten so bad that some of my old colleagues are even leaving to go abroad, though not an H1B style thing, they are actually leaving for good, becoming citizens supporting other countries.

    I would vote in an instant for Edwards, Obama, Richardson, any of the other Democrats basically, but I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton ever, in any kind of election. Not only that, I and most of those around me, for the most part Democrats, will actively work to bring down Hillary Clinton if she’s nominated, even if it results in a Republican Presidential victory in 2008. I’m still not sure that I personally have the stomach to vote for a Republican in 2008, as much as I might loathe a Democratic nomination of Hillary, though who knows- Giuliani irks me in some ways but I give him at least some grudging respect, and he at least seems to listen to our concerns on things like outsourcing rather than cozying up to big donors and marching in lockstep with them.

    The Democrat’s Anti-Hillary Manifesto

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