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Posted by on Aug 28, 2006 in At TMV | 15 comments

Hezbollah In Error

Nasrallah admits he miscalculated and would not have launched his attack had he known the extent of the Israeli retaliation.

Meanwhile, exciting news, TMVers. As I allude to in the post, I just conducted an interview with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman. I’ll be posting the first segment of it on Monday. And when I do, you all will be the first to know.

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  • Gary

    I view him as just another enabler of the war. Maybe this interview will allow him to hawk some more books.

  • Joe

    Ah…Gary…I think the point is that a)Friedman is not doing a zillion interivews with people with weblogs, b)Dave took the initiative to try to get some original reporting for readers. We have lots of different views on this site (as does Dave on his) and the point is that
    the post he’ll offer will a bit different than the usual kinds of posts we do (and that I enjoy reading as much as doing them) — posts that are basically analysis, opinion and op-ed type pieces. Dave did an original interview and is taking the time now to work on it to present it to readers. Michael Totten does a lot of original reporting on his blog from various news hotpots; you also see The Talking Dog do superb Q&As. Our former coblogger Jonathan Singer (who is still on our masthead and can contribute when he wants) has done some great original Q&As when he had his site (now he writes from My DD). I’ve wanted to do more interviews and even original profiles of people on this site…when I get the time…and if I do them they’ll be of people on the left and right and in the center. Dave is to be applauded for going out and getting some original reporting to offer to readers.

  • Gary


    You’re right. It was just a personal opinion of the personality. It is great that David got the interview and I humbly retract my statement.


  • For the record, I believe that Mr. Friedman mentions a “flat world” once, and I mention The Lexus and the Olive Tree once in a question, and aside from that, no book hawking.

  • grognard

    Sounds like some of the “victory� has worn off and now the consequences [destroyed infrastructure etc. ] have come home. I also wonder if Iran said thanks for the using the missiles they wanted to keep in waiting for Israel if the US went after them for the nukes.

  • bgiltner

    I take issue with the your words:

    “Nasrallah admits he miscalculated”

    What Nasrallah said was:

    If he had known that Israel would react the way it did, he would not have taken the hostages.

    The above this is not the same as your characterization.

    No one (except perhaps Bush Admin insiders) could have imagined the crazy behavior of the Israeli leadership and the ADL.

  • bgiltner

    I meant the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), not the ADL.

  • a) Underestimating the severity of the Israeli response in a manner which, had he predicted right, would have changed his plans, is a definitional “miscalculation”

    b) I’m not sure why the IDF behaved “craz[ily]” and I’m not sure why Bush insiders would be any more or less likely to imagine this sort of retaliation than anyone else

    c) ADL = IDF–freudian slip?

  • julie

    Yes and if Israel had known the consequences of it’s response it wouldn’t have made it.

    Despite it’s boaats the Israeli army did not destroy Hezbullah. It showed itself inferior in face to face fighting. Israel and we also squandered a bit more political capital.

    Yes some are glating that Christians and Sunni are enraged at Hezbullah and hope for another civil war, the belief being that failed states like Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and now possibly Lebanon are victories in the war on terro and the more we destroy Islamic society the more successful we are.

    Israel is demoralized, the rightwingers in the Us have declared victory because they always declare victory, it is perpetual victory, success after success like in Iraq, total victory every month. sometimes twice a week, the other side always decisively defeated… sort of like “1984.”

  • Oh…Julie, say “civil war” again louder. Nothing gets my rocks off like the idea of a Lebanese civil war. It’s what we’re ALL dreaming about in our wildest fantasies.

    Publicly, of course, we say that we hope that the Lebanese polity will turn against Hezbollah enough so that it can be dismantled by either the new UN peacekeeping force or the Lebanese government, this ending the mini-state rule of one of the nastier terrorist organizations in the mid-east. But you’ve seen through that mask, for sure.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Please tell Tom Friedman waht a failure “Times Select” is.

    As far as the GOI and IDF, there will simply have to be another war to clean out Hezbollah and all of the terrorists. I fully support that.

  • Believe me, Tom loathes TimesSelect, but he says his complaints fall on deaf ears

  • Pyst

    “Simply”, interesting choice of word there. I’ll withhold the glaringly obvious opprotunity for major snark.

  • Kim Ritter

    From what I have seen, the Lebanese are angrier at the Israelis than at Hezbollah. Hezbollah was out handing out about 12 thousand dollars to each homeless family, and offering to help them rebuild. This cash came from Iran and Syria, and was delivered much more quickly and efficiently by Hezbollah, than by the Lebanese government-which is weak and inefficient-like many of the “democracies” in the Middle East. Unfortunately for us, this was no victory.

    The Lebanese blamed Hezbollah for instigating the attack, but blamed Israel for prolonging it and hitting so many civilians.

  • Jim S

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those Lebanese that were willing accomplices to Hezbollah hiding among them, having weapon dumps in civilian buildings and in other ways asking Israel to strike against them.

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