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Posted by on May 15, 2007 in At TMV | 9 comments

“He…demonstrated a strength that I had never seen before”

New testimony reveals John Ashcroft resisted White House pressure to sign off on their domestic spying program…while hospitalized and weak from gall bladder surgery.

UPDATE: Didn’t see Mike’s post right below this one. Nonetheless, I think that there are different angles here–the utter depravity of Gonzales, yes, but also the strength that the oft-maligned Ashcroft showed in this situation.

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  • I wonder how many other people from the Bush administration might eventually be revealed as not nearly as evil as all the piranhas on the left have been insisting endlessly for the last six years?

    Jus’ sayin’. People are rarely as evil as the extremists from both left AND right cast them to be. A lot of the Clinton people turned out to be not nearly as evil as the anti-Clinton obsessives cast them to be. Nowadays, it is BDS is that at epidemic levels. I predict that some of it will turn out to be just as hysterically overstated as the mid-90s stories about Clinton.

  • Jason — Agreed. Entirely.

  • Rudi

    new testimony reveals = testimony reinforces
    Firedoglake has a posting from 12/05 about this incident, it isn’t new, Comey was a man of conciuos and didn’t fit in with the Gonzo gang. If the Repuglicans could bring the Comey’s, Kuo’s and Fitzgerald back into power their party would have a chance.

  • Rambie

    Jason, agreed. I was more ambivalent toward him previously, but I’ll admit I have more respect for Mr Ashcroft after reading that article.

  • egrubs

    I didn’t like him. I’m not sure I like him yet. But now at the least, I respect him.

    I can’t help but laugh that he lost to a dead guy though.

  • Robert Bell

    Balkinization has the funniest take I’ve seen so far …

  • DLS

    > I can’t help but laugh that he
    > lost to a dead guy though.

    I’d laugh if Falwell beat Hillary Clinton in 2008.

  • CaseyL

    Let’s hold off on the revisionism, shall we?

    Ashcroft was a disaster as Attorney General. He cut anti-terrorist programs during the Summer of Threat (even as he stopped flying on commercial aircraft) to concentrate on pornography, then tried to blame Jamie Gorelick for his own malfesance. He started the theocratization of the DoJ. He brought suit against Oregon to try and overturn its Assisted Suicide law, and brought federal charges against sick people using marijuana for medical reasons.

    That he now looks better than he did isn’t because he was better than we thought: it’s because AGAG is so incredibly much worse.

    Like Bush makes Nixon look good. It’s not because Nixon was good. It’s because Bush is a whole universe of bad.

  • kritter

    My hope is that no one comes after that makes Bush look good!

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